Archdemon Boss Desk 1.81+ male - Classic

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: DaSein Noyes

- Archdemon - Dark Addictions store


After few successful reviews of Archdemon - Dark Addictions store furniture on my blog i did get several requests to make review about Archdemon Boss Desk 1.81+ male - Classic. So, for your reading pleasure, here it is and i hope you will enjoy it :)

At the beginning, opening word and technical details form creator and owner of the Archdemon - Dark Addictions store, DaSein Noyes:

"Archdemon Ultimate Boss Office Desk - (adult)

Both male boss desk and female boss desk are included (2 desks)
Texture Change Options

The Desk and chair are hardlinked
Accessories come soft linked
(Type control-3 to enter edit mode before rezzing for easy positioning)

124 couples animations (248 total)
No old fashioned Poseballs
All carefully chosen high quality animations
Animations are inside the boss chair but some require the existence of the desk to look right
Both avatars sit on the boss chair - the one that sits first is the boss

13 prim - Boss Desk (mesh)
9 prim - Boss Chair (sculpt)
hardlinked - 28 prim Land Impact (may be unlinked by those with experience to save 6 prim)

3 prim - Desk Lamp (on/off) (mesh)
2 prim - Standup Picture Frame 1 (mesh)
2 prim - Standup Picture Frame 2 (mesh)
1 prim - Book Stack (mesh)
2 prim - Skull Paper Weight (mesh)
2 prim - Pen holder (mesh)
1 prim - Pen (mesh)

All prim counts listed are Land Impact Counts (absolute cost)
Desk and Accessories are mesh
Chairs and drawer handles are sculpted

For customer service and inquiries contact
DaSein Noyes - Archdemon

version 1.61 (June 2013)
added two spanking animations
added a hardlinked copy of the desk and chair
soft linked = 22 prim
hard linked = 28 prim

version 1.71 (August 2013)
upgraded both chair and desk cuddle animations
rebalanced the menus
created female boss version of the desk using identical menus adjusted for female ownership
both male and female versions of the desk now packaged together
hardlinked 28 prim version is now the default desk -
unlinking the chair from the desk for those that need the extra prim and know what they're doing will save 6 prim (22 prim)
center of desk to center of chair measures 1.55

version 1.81 (November 24 2013)
added texture change options and copy-mod version of the desk

* * * * *

We continually upgrade all items in design texture animation and functionality
to stay current with the latest technology and capability of SL,
so you never have a reason to own an outdated item

Transfer Items - trade ins, upgrades or exchanges by request
Copy Items - major upgrades automatic
- minor upgrades by request

send notecard with your name and nature of request"

I left dates of updates on previous text on purpose, to show you all how creator and owner of the Archdemon - Dark Addictions store, DaSein Noyes, is serious about his creations and keep good care of his customers, giving them latest and best in adult furniture industry and for blog readers even on 20% discount prices if you contact him by im or note card and mention my blog or my name as reason of your purchase.

Further more, in purchase box you don't get one, but two tables, male and female version, to make swap less necessary and basic sits more accustomed to users needs. Great idea and approach.

When it comes to design, Archdemon Boss Desk 1.81+ male - Classic is really detailed and carefully crafted, equipped with texture changer and box of accessories its really easy to fit this fine product in any interior space of your choosing and decorate it to get much more then just functional value from it.

AVsitter™ 1.29 is system chosen for animations menu, intuitive and easy to use, divided on following sub menus: sits, cuddles, lays, stands, sit oral, sit sex, lay oral, lay ride, lay front and lay rear. All animations used in this fine product are carefully chosen to for fill high standards and quality demand, rich in frames per second and smooth in transitions.

On test for review i was not able to find any down side or flaw to Archdemon Boss Desk 1.81+ male - Classic, all was working flawless and with out any glitches.

With all that said i can only recommend this great looking Archdemon Boss Desk 1.81+ male - Classic and other fine Archdemon - Dark Addictions store products that you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




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