Bad Eddy's - Bear Fur Rug With 200 Animations  (Adult)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: BadEddy

- Bad Eddy's Sex Furniture's

This is something that i like to call new classic, something that is so traditional for wood logs country cabins and similar houses, seen in so many films that you just can be with out it, new Bad Eddy's - Bear Fur Rug With 200 Animations  (Adult).

This is how creator, BadEddy, describes it:

"100% original mesh and beautifully textured, the new Bear Fur Rug from Bad Eddy's is packed with nothing less than 200 top quality smooth animations carefully selected from the best animators in SL, making it a must have for your SL home and the ideal item to spice up your SL sex life.

2 Menus packed with cuddles
1 Menu for friends sitting together
1 Menu for massages
1 Menu for Self-Sex
3 Menus full of Male-Female sex animations
3 Menus full for Lesbian animations
200 animations in total giving about 100 individual poses

RLV Enabled
Yes Mod, Yes Copy, No Transfer
9 prims
No ugly poseballs: just sit"

One of the feature that i really like in Bad Eddy's Sex Furniture and its same on this new rug, is usage of RLV. So with click on rug you wont get menu, but you will scan sim for RLV relays. Extremely easy and efficient.

Main menu is in the rug, you need to sit on it to get it, girl first, and its using AVsitter™2.0 system. Its big, filled with options but still user friendly and not requiring any learning or adjusting period. Novice or pro you can just rez it and use it intuitive.

All animations used in this new Bad Eddy's - Bear Fur Rug With 200 Animations (Adult) product are high standards one, rich in frames per second, smooth in transition and preforming in best way possible to provide you with careless and hot RP animated support.

On test for review i was not able to find any down sides to new Bad Eddy's - Bear Fur Rug With 200 Animations (Adult), animations where well aligned for average sized avis and all was working flawless.

With the options and performance you get from this new product and price i would definitive call it fair and good buy and recommend it to all, specially for those with log and wooden country style cabin houses.

This new Bad Eddy's - Bear Fur Rug With 200 Animations (Adult) and other fine Bad Eddy's Sex Furniture's products you can find on SL marketplace or in world store on links under the text:



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