Alina Animations & Belle's Breath of Lust - Fill the Keg - Mesh

*Alina & Belle's* Fill the Keg - Mesh

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf & BelleJour Shinn

- Alina Animations and Belle's B.o.L.D

For grand opening of Perv German Oktoberfest on Libido sim two of my dear friends, builders, animators, and creators Alina Graf & BelleJour Shinn giving away free special new *Alina & Belle's* Fill the Keg - Mesh creation made just for October fest.

All day today, October 1. you can come and pick it up for FREE (damn i love that price) on LIbido sim with URL for it on bottom of the article, or get it free on any event that will be held for next 5 days on  Perv German Oktoberfest.
Also you can join any BelleJour Shinn's SL groups and it will be send to you as gift (like secondlife:///app/group/72a55269-05eb-024d-0935-8073fefa3003/about )

100% mesh with only 2 prims land impact, custom made animations specially for this event by some of best SL animators and all that FREE for taking. No one can beat that offer.

So whats your excuse for not having your own copy already?


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