SEXUS visual media system

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Cunningham Capalini

- SEXUS store

It all started with innocent mistake. I did log in SL and find off line from one of my good friends letting me know that on one sim he did see bed like no where else in SL and that maybe i would like to check it out for my blog. Land mark was attached so i went there. I was in hurry so i just clicked advert board that i seen there and name was new so i send note card and offer my blog review. Some 24 hrs later im came form Cunningham Capalini owner and creator of SEXUS store and thats how we meet.

He told me i dont have bed but i do have SEXUS visual media system. When i did rez it i was amazed. Nothing close to it and advantages that SEXUS vms has i didnt see before in SL. So please my dear readers i will let Cunningham Capalini owner of the store and creator of SEXUS vms describe it for you first:

Animated gifs are common in Second Life. Usually you purchase one and it’s a single animated image. The SEXUS VMS Animated gif titles are numerous animated scenes that play one after the other with little to NO loading time. That means you don't have to wait for a blurry image to become clear. The animated titles or SHOWS will not play on there own. The SHOWS need a SEXUS vms viewer to be displayed.

This is NOT a parcel viewer or any type of streaming media. The whole system consists of one script and a note card. It’s great for homes that want a second no lag TV or just the added stimulation of porn during a roleplay.


1. Touch the center of the TV screen and choose 'ON'.

2.Wait for the SHOW to load.

NOTE: Some titles have audio as well as the visual element. In the DEMO viewer AUDIO is disabled.

Included with each show title is a demo viewer. The demo viewer will only play one title unlike the standard viewer that lets you load a catalog of shows to play. Most of the functions and features of the DEMO viewer have been disabled. Should you wish to purchase the standard viewer you can find them at the SEXUS MAINSTORE or in the SL Marketplace or at any number of vendors throughout the Second Life Grid.

The STANDARD viewer allows you to load multiple note cards or SHOWS that you can play sequentially or randomly. The standard viewer also has audio enabled for SHOWS with audio included. The enabled functions allow you to set the audio volume. You can play shows in order or randomly. You can set control access of the viewer to group members, owner only, or anyone. Additionally you can set the duration time for the loops that are playing before they transition to the next scene. The standard viewer will also hand out a landmark, info, and help if there is an issue with the system.

as the owner you have the right to add additional SHOW note cards to the viewer contents.
1. Have the standard viewer rezzed.
2. Press control (on a PC) and drag the note card from your inventory ON TO the standard viewer. With control pressed the standard viewer will be high lit indicating you can drop the note card and it will be in the viewer's inventory. Once in the inventory it can be played with along with any other note card SHOWS.

The animated GIFS That make up the various shows are INSIDE OF THE NOTECARD and cannot be viewed on their own.
TO PLAY A SHOW, the NOTECARD SHOW must be in the contents of the viewer.

reset - resets the TV controller script.
audio on
audio off
    owner - only the owner can operate the viewer, only the owner can set access or remove or add SHOW NOTECARDS
    group - anyone in the group that the viewer is set to can operate the viewer, only the owner can set access or remove or add SHOW NOTECARDS
    all - anyone can operate the viewer but only the owner can set access or remove or add SHOW NOTECARDS
    titles - list the titles out on the buttons
    play mode
        scene seq - plays the loops that make up an entire show in sequence one after the other
        scene rnd - plays the loops randomly
        scene loop - play a single gif animation and does not transition to the next in the series
        shows seq - after the series of gif animations that make up one show is complete the next note card show loaded will play and that series of gif animations will be displayed.
        shows rnd - after the series of gif animations that make up one show is complete a random loaded note card show will play and that series of gif animations will be displayed.
        show loop - the same note card show will play and not transition to the next
        notify all - the viewer will whisper chat when functions are changed and when new shows are about to start.
        notify input - the viewer will only whisper chat indicating the function being triggered when there is user interaction or a button pushed
        silent - the viewer chat is disabled
    default - time is 30 seconds. NOTE: If you set the duration to low like one second the gifs will not be able to load properly and will be blurry until they do.
    pause - just keeps a single gif loop playing.
    + or - 1 sec
    + or - 1 min
    + or - 5 sec
    + or - 5 min
    + or - 10 sec
    + or - 10 min

The TV Viewers are moddable if you want to reduce prims or make the viewer larger or smaller.

If you unlink the viewer you really only need two prims to make the viewer work. The root prim is a transparent prim the size of the screen and behind it is a prim with the name ' LCD_Screen Prim 2 in Link Set '. And that link relationship must be maintained in order for the system to work. The other prims are cosmetic and can be discarded if you like.

contact Cunningham Capalini by IM or note card if there is no answer within 24 hours.

Now let me tell you how i see it. No more blurry one prim single gif animations. This is like answered prayer for all public sex sim owners and animated porn enthusiast. So many animations in so little prims.

Upgrade options, display options, decoration value, and all that in more then great price. Maybe it is hard to describe but if you take 5 min of your time and go check it in world store you will be sold and bring that SEXUS visual media system "bad boy" home.

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