Nerenzo nestleplace Nika - adult

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Vic Nerido

- Nerenzo Design


Great thing in SL is that all is possible. We create our own weather, and before we have all in snow and Christmas spirit, lets give chance to summer and sun one more time.

Vic Nerido owner and creator of Nerenzo Design store giving us great unique item perfect for that; Nerenzo nestleplace Nika - adult.

This is how he describe it:

"Thanks for your purchase of a Nerenzo product - i hope you enjoy it!

this is the xpose menu summary:

27 menus defined
128 poses defined
213 animations defined
0 sounds defined
2 plays defined
5 rez objects defined
7 give items defined

The nestleplace is 100 % mesh. the main building contains the XPOSE menu, the little drink (coco) contains the texture changer. Please click the one or the other to get the menu for the poses or the texture changer.

If you rezz the object the first time it can take some short time till the scripts/animations are loaded - you won´t be able to use the nestleplace in this time.

Instructions when loaded (you will get the information in the local chat when ready):

If you click on the coco-drink you will get a menu where you can change the textures of the nestleplace - and set the "access" to the texture changer.  To give permissions to others to change the textures (everyone, group or people that are listed in the notecard).
how to set special permissions for the texture changer:
Press the nestleplace with the right mouse button - select "edit linked parts" from the menu of your viewer. Click the coco drink with your left mouse button and go to the tab "content".  open the notecard with the name ":mptUsers" by clicking with the right mouse button. I am listed  there, to give you an example. Just delete my name and enter the new names - please enter every name in one line. display names won't work, only the normal (old) names are supported). -> done.

To get the menu for the poses, please touch the item with your left mouse button and select a pose.

you can also adjust the colors by yourself, cause the item is mod (and copy); but keep in mind it is a mesh model and you better edit face after face.

if you are new to xpose and want to change the positions of the animations, please click on "help" (menu -> options -> help)

 If you have any question about the product please feel free to send me a notecard (!). please don't send IMs, they get capped. I will try to help you as soon as I am online.

Okies - have a nice nice day and enjoy your new nestplace!"

Following latest trends in furniture making, and using his undisputed building and creative talent Vic Nerido from Nerenzo Design store giving us again unique high quality item for our sensual erotic RP moments in SL. All that with promo price to. Great offer, great idea, great store.

Links for SL market place and inworld store are on bottom:



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