BH forcing HUD II RLV

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Britt Halberstam

- BH Animations

It seems that many SL users debating sex HUD's. For rape scene on some RP sim or just handy, always ready and easy to carry sex item. And now we come to the main thing, number of scripts that will HUD of our choice add to our avi.
Many will take quality of animations and menus in front of scripts, but why make compromise when you can have bout.

BH forcing HUD II RLV is my "weapon of choice" when it comes to the sex HUD and as many peppers RL will say my "EDC" (every day carry). There is many reasons why i choose BH forcing HUD II RLV but i will let creator Britt Halberstam and owner of BH Animations describe it first for you. This is what she says:

Thank you for your interest on a BH forcing HUD II RLV

This HUD is able to show you a new seamless forcing scene of 30 minutes in length!

Start and enjoy the finest animations you ever saw.

* new, up to 1,5 minutes lopped high detailed animations for pretty realistic motions
* fully automatic running forcing scene include undress matching to the situation (by using RLV)
* seamless sequence with truly animated transitions between the poses
* realistic facial expressions
* realistic representation of forced sex
* quickly adjustable positions without options menu
* start your HUD anywhere and grab a victim
(rezzing must be allowed temporary)
* force your victim to do anything you want
* includes free tk relay giver

RLV features while using a relay in auto-mode:
* automatically working smart RLV technology
* lock the victim and make it impossible to escape
* rip the clothings down of your victim with realistic animations and prevent dress again
includes preventing them from new wear
* RLV menu with several options
* capture function

Following content you will find in the main menu of the BH forcing HUD II RLV:


- "SCENE" menu for sequence which run automatic (scene start only if both balls used)
- "poses 1" menu for couple animations
- "poses 2" menu for couple animations
- "undress" menu for undress animations (start only if both pose balls used)
- "[CATCH]" menu to grab and release a victim (only if the victim uses RLV and a relay in auto-mode)
- "[RLV]" menu for several RLV commands you can impose on your victim (only if your victim use RLV and it's relay is in auto-mode)
- "STOP" stops all activities of the BH forcing HUD II RLV
- "OPTIONS" menu for several settings (usable only for the owner of the HUD)

The BH forcing HUD II RLV use RLV to give you a more realistic experience for bdsm.

All features for RLV works only if the person (playing the victim) use RLV viewer and a relay in auto-mode.
We recommend the use of the tk-relay (relay giver inside the folder you got with buying the BH forcing HUD II RLV) for the full support of RLV, only with this relay the victim will be unable to to touch anything while using the BH forcing HUD II RLV. (this make truly helpless)
Of course you can use other relays, but maybe there are limitations in functionality.

The BH forcing HUD II RLV use RLV features in two different ways.

1. RLV functions that act permanently on the PINK ball

- lock the victim
- prevents the victim from touching anything on the screen (only with the tk-relay)
- if the HUD shows an undress anim the BH forcing HUD II RLV undress / detach the relevant items of clothing and prevent dress again
2. RLV functions which can be selected by menu

[CATCH] inside this menu you find items to grab and release victims as follows:
start --> rezz a poseball (needed for grab a victim)
grab victim --> the HUD scans the surroundings within a radius of 10 m at victims with RLV using a relay in auto mode and gives out a list of people you can capture, choose the number which represents the victim you want to grab and the frame will force the victim to sit on the PINK ball (the scan maybe need up to half a minute or more to complete, depending on the the sim speed).
release --> release your victim and take all restrictions from the victim

[RLV] inside this menu you find several RLV functions.

Visit us inworld in our main store and try out what we understand under High Quality Animations.

You will see a big difference.

First that i noticed is that BH forcing HUD II RLV will add only 17 scripts to your avi. Thats nothing compared to other sex HUD's on market today.

Second is RLV feature. It really allows you to grab your partner/rape/force victim. Strip her and do all usual stuff that good RLV compatible furniture gives you options to do.

Most important, true my blog i did meet many SL animators. In my judgment Britt Halberstam is one of top 3 best animators that we have in SL now. Then you have gap, big empty space, then all the rest animators come in line. I wont mention any names but this is the way i see it. Animations are smooth and longest one in SL, premium custom made by Britt Halberstam.

Scene that BH forcing HUD II RLV have is seamless not just changing poses with special animations which connect following poses and combine them in 30 minutes hands free fun for all you
voicers out there ;)

BH forcing HUD II RLV gives you easy to use menu, with scene, undress, two sets of poses sub menus and RLV menu.
You dont need any adjustment (if you have proportional build avi) just wear it and use it. Simple and efficient.

I hope this review did give you my dear readers answers about sex HUD's that i receive from you. I appreciate each comment and suggestion that i get from you so please dont be shy if you like to read about something just let me know.

In meantime, take tp to  Britt Halberstam's BH Animations store and get your self BH forcing HUD II RLV or something else from her high quality line of adult RLV furniture. Links for SL market place and in world store on the bottom:



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