KAI - Naughty Tropical Hammock - Rustic - Mod Copy

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: kaiya Manbi

- Kai home design

The True beauty of SL is that we can create the world and its surroundings the way we like. In this time, when summer is gone for most of us and Christmas magic in white is still far a way we need something to keep the falling leaves and Autumn fog away from our minds.  

Tropical island are a good place to be, enjoying in shade of palm trees with people that we care for, smelling the ocean and recharging our our mental batteries for new day in RL. And who better to create that virtual tropical paradise then kaiya Manbi, owner of Kai home design, the Wild Coast Naturist Resort and Turtle Coast.  The Traffic on her sims and huge group memberships give her all the credibility required.

This time ill review for you my dear readers, a brand new item from the vast selection at the Kai home design store, KAI - Naughty Tropical Hammock - Rustic.
First a bit of technical informations:

>>> NAUGHTY Tropical HAMMOCK >>> Rustic<<< ADULT version <<< Copy/Mod >>>


* Av sitter menu driven, so no pose balls are rezzed
* Singles, Pals, Cuddles, kisses & a naughy range of Adult Animations
* Copy & Full mod - no Trans
* 26 prims


Available in 5 gorgeous color themes

** Earth
** Sea
** Natural
** Rustic
** Moroccan


contains - 1 Naughty Tropical Hammock Plus 1 Naughty Standard Adult Hammock Plus 1 Naughty Lounger
BOUGHT INDIVIDUALLY (each @ 1800) THE THREE COME TO 5400 Linden - SAVE 1900 Linden on the FAT PACK

Come visit the Main store in-world to see the various texture themes - and test out the menus.

Her Magical creations and precision craftsmanship,  kaiya Manbi successfully delivers one more best seller on the market.
The Kaiya Islands Tropical private rentals and public venues have always been huge and popular in SL, these  quality products are no exception.

Following latest trends in furniture productions and sim designs in SL Kai home design gives us the latest furniture menu system that has no pose balls, easy to use, filled with carefully chosen premium animations for our intimate moments of relaxation,  pleasure and passion.

Variety of color themes will make it easy to fit on any platform, beach or  garden. The KAI - Naughty Tropical Hammock is  not only a useful piece of adult furniture but also beautiful decoration for any space of your choice.

Links for SL market place and in world store under the text:



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