*Belle's B.o.L.D.* Drunken Bitch Fuck

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: BelleJour Shinn

- Belle's Breath of Lust Design

October fest on Libido sim finished few days back, party and orgies are over for now. It was good fun, many people and many kinky furniture. I did receive some im's from my friends and readers requesting me to do review of one item that was beside stage there,*Belle's B.o.L.D.* Drunken Bitch Fuck, and im very glad that they did.

Its no secret that i love to review BelleJour Shinn work. Many reasons for that but biggest and most important one is that she dont recycle her animations. So each product is individual and unique with custom hand made animations from BelleJour just for that item and cant be find in any thing else.

This is how BelleJour Shinn owner of Belle's Breath of Lust Design and creator of product describe it:

*Belle's B.o.L.D.* Drunken Bitch Fuck

Adult Couple Sex animation menu

6 prim

10 Handmade Animations

5 Couple Poses:
piss on

Animations are Copy
Prims/Sculpts Mod/Copy

I will be free to add few of mine own remarks to. *Belle's B.o.L.D.* Drunken Bitch Fuck is ideal for urban geto slum RP sims and surroundings. Giving sim owner many options and best quality for unbelievable low price (reviewed product is well under 500 lin). With full copy and mod permissions you can unlink it and create just menu surface of one prim, or change some decorations used, and have different item on different places on your sim with same impeccable high quality custom made animations menu.

Dont let low price misguide you, each product from BelleJour Shinn is state of the art in animations, textures and performance, price is low for one reason only. Her goal is to make best products for all to use and to make them affordable for each SL user.

If there is any out there who didnt shop in Belle's Breath of Lust Design stores, aldo i doubt that, i can only assure you that customer service is at same high level as her products are.

With all that said, there is no excuse not to visit Belle's Breath of Lust Design stores, buy reviewed or some other piece of her fine made furniture or some female outfit, shoes, male prim feet, collar, bike etc for same low price.

URL for market place and in world store are on bottom:



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