Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina animations

One of constant worker and perfectionist when it comes to her products is Alina Graf owner of Alina animations store.
I did review her Bed PLEASURE v4 on 8/22/2013 that you can see on this link on my blog


and just two month later she got brand new version with updates and new animations out. This is what Alina told me that major changes are:

V5 update is available for all my 8 bed models and as bare bed engine as well.

This time i tried to improve the whole menu navigation, remove glitches and add new, original poses. Unfortunately the balls memory is emptying and I feared to add more poses in it.

I added 43  brand new poses and 109 animations! Now it contains  919 self made animations and 393 poses (animations combinations)!

These are the news for this version:

Reorganized menus,

a better sit script for pillows,

updated XPose script to avoid script locks,

new menus available:

MBF2 (bisex men and 1 girl)

All my beds are available with a Texture Changer to fit any environment and sleep poses in pillows (when present).

Alina Graf using old habit, to make great things even more better and striving to perfect. First thing that i noticed about new bed was that it seems some how smoother in changing poses, not like the old one was not good or smooth, but i think that this one will work fast as bullet even on lagy sims and places.

Menu is bigger and expanded, but still extremely user friendly and easy to use with swift response to each button click. Xcite and dick rotation (if you use xcite private parts) working with out any mistake. And speed changer is, like on last version great extra feature that i strongly recommend.

Important thing to say is that Alina dont charge for updates. So all of you my dear readers that own any of Alina animations v 4.0 beds just contact Alina Graf and she will give you all instructions how to update your bed to latest version free.

If you dont have it, here is links for SL market place and in world store where you can get it:



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