SA Hanged Display Type-1 Mesh

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Selina Anatra

- Selina Anatra Designs

I did get many requests to suggest some good RLV bondage capture display. Also many new in BDSM asking me how to fully use it. So today i will be as technical as possible.

In my opinion Selina Anatra owner and creator of Selina Anatra Designs store is best when it comes to options and design in RLV bondage trap devices so for todays review ill do SA Hanged Display Type-1 Mesh. This is how Selina describe it:

"Another Quality device for fun and excitement as only SA is able to bring you...

This Hanging Displayer is perfect for holding and displaying you pets, slaves...or even just for a bit of private fun.

Fully Menu Driven, You can capture and control the sitter and make them take the operating dildo if you wish... As an added feature, either you or the sitter is able to control how fast (how needy) they want to ride against it.

Full RLV means capturing and holding is a snap and the timer means you can hold them as long as you like.

Color menu allows you to change the colors of the various parts, and it is also mod, so you can make custom colors."

Now lets go all technical:

This is a simple Hanged Display.  XCite! and Sensations compatible

Using the Device.........

Drag the device from your inventory to the floor.  To move it, right click and choose edit.  There is a light shadow you can use to adjust the height.

Menu Options..

Poses: Change how you/sitter is riding the Sybian
    Note: Poses will only show when there is a sitter on the device
Play Mode: Open the menu to set cycling and method of playing poses
    Random On: Set animations to play randomly
    Sequence: Set animations to play in sequence as they appear in the !SAPose note
    Auto: Set animations to change automatically
    Manual: Set animations to only change via the Poses menu
Get Relay (only when RLV is turned on): Gives an RLV relay to the menu user
Dildo Control: Open the menu to control the speed and position of the dildo.
Timer (only when RLV is turned on): Open the menu to Control the timer for keeping the sitter locked
    Timer On: Turn the timer on (sets to the default or last setting you made)
    Timer Off: Turns the Timer off
    +Min: Add one minute to time
    -Min: Subtract one minute from time
    +10 Min: Add ten minutes to time
    -10 Min: Subtract ten minutes from time
    +Hour: Add one hour to time
    -Hour: Subtract one Hour from Time
Extras: Open te menu to control Extra Features
    Xcite On: Turn Xcite/Sensations Arousal on
    Xcite Off: Turn Xcite/Sensations Arousal off
    Orgasm On: Allow Sitter to orgasm
    Orgasm Off: Deny the sitter from orgasm
    Express On: Turn Expressions (face animation) On
    Express Off: Turn Expressions (face animation) Off
Capture (only when RLV is turned on): Open the menu to capture a nearby AV (must be wearing relay)
Release (only when RLV is turned on): release the current sitter from the device
RLV: Open the menu to control RLV settings
    RLV On: Turn RLV on
    RLV Off: Turn RLV off
    Allow Pose: Allow the sitter to access the Poses menu
    Deny Pose: Deny the sitter from accessing the Poses Menu
    No Inventory / Yes Inventory: Control whether Sitter is allowed to access their Inventory
    Allow Rez /  No Rez: Control whether Sitter is allowed to Rez objects
    Allow Edit / No Edit: Control whether Sitter is allowed to Edit objects
    No IM / Allow IM: Control whether Sitter is allowed to talk in IM's
    No Maps /  Allow Maps: Control whether Sitter is allowed to View Maps or know their location
    No TP /  Allow TP: Control whether Sitter is allowed to teleport from their current location
    No Chat /  Allow Chat: Control whether Sitter is allowed to talk/hear Local Chat
    Clear All: Clear all current RLV Restrictions
Appearance: Open Menu to change the colors of the device
    Main Support: Select the main support colors
    Trim: Select the trim colors
    Rings: Change the colors of the rings
    Dildo: Change the color of the dildo
Access: Open Menu to control Menu Access
    Owner: Only device owner can access the menu
    Anyone: Anyone may access the menu
    Group: Only members of the group the device is rezzed under may access the menu
    Owner Deny: Deny the owner from accessing the menu when they are sitting on the device
    Owner Allow: The device's owner may access the menu when sitting
    Pub On: Anyone (non sitter) may access the Poses menu and control the sitter
    Pub Off: Only the Sitter has access to the Poses Menu.
    **Note:  AV's listed in the !keyholders notecard will have full access to the device at all times (use with caution)
Main: Return to Main Menu
Done: Close the Menu

Adding Keyholders.......

Keyholders are essentially super users, they have full access to the menus at all times, so only add people you trust not to mess up your settings.

In the device  contents is the !keyholders notecard, right click and edit that.
Add one name per line.  You must use their official name, not display name, for those without last names use 'Resident'.
Save the card

Adding your own poses.................

Only if you're comfortable editing note cards

the !SAPose card contains the poses and other information relating to each pose.
to add your own...

    Right click on the !SAPose notecard and choose edit
    Format for poses is as follows
    Button name | Animation | Anim Time | Position | Rotation | Xcite Amount | Xcite Kink | Face Anim | Sound | Loop Sound
    If there is no setting for a particular field, leave it blank as the scripts will ignore it.
    Xcite Amount Field:  Currently the only settings available are vibey low, vibey normal, vibey med and vibey high, each with a different effect on the arousal
    Face Anim Field: This will use the built in expression animations in the viewer, You can find a list of these on the LSL wiki.
    Loop Sound Field: This tells the scripts if the sound should loop or the number of times it should play..0 means to loop automatically, putting any number other than 0 will cause the animation to play that many times

Changes from previous editions

X3 Implementation
SA X3 scripts are a complete rewrite of the older scripts, less memory, less script time, improved features and
under the hood improvements....some are...

Better Animation handling, with imroved user expandability
better control of menu access
sound, face animations and accessory motion smoother
faster chains (on those devices that use them)
more reliable recapturing of av's through rlv

I hope i was detailed enough lol All what you have to do now my dear readers is to visit her store and get your own  SA Hanged Display Type-1 Mesh. URL for SL market place and in world store are on the bottom:



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