Alina animations - Pool Table V1 (Mesh)

[AA] Pool Table V1 (Mesh)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina animations

I did have few requests to recommend sex pool table that are copy if possible. And since in Sl all is possible, hell we can even fly dont we, this will be my recommendation.  [AA] Pool Table V1 (Mesh) from Alina animations store. Let me give you some technical details and then to tell you why i choose this table over the others. Alina Graf owner of the Alina animations store describe it like this:

** WARNING: to see the Mesh one you need a mesh compliant viewer: official V2 or a Third Party Viewer! **
** Don't resize the Mesh one or prims will grow up! **
Alina Animations presents her new sex furniture.
Pool Table comes in 2 versions, 1 sculpt more for public places and 1 mesh, classy and elegant, for houses living room.
Mesh one is 11 prims equivalent.
Sculpt one is 17 prims.
Many brand new and custom animations made just for this table. Sex poses from 2 up to 4 players, Straight, Lesbian or Bisexual oriented.
• 4 MF menus,
• 3 FF menus,
• 5 3somes menus (MMF1, MMF2, FFM, FFF, MBF),
• 4 4somes menus (MFFM, FFFM, MMMF, FFFF).
• 336 animations
• 144 poses
• homemade and exclusive from Alina Animations.
• 7 prims wall cues rack - optional.
Two versions included, both Copy and Mod. Two different models.
• Sculpt table: 17 prims
• Mesh table: 11 prims (requires a Mesh compliant viewer to be seen)
Table is Mod, Copy, no transfer.
Animations are Copy.
Scripts are Copy.
All animations are made by me, Alina Graf
Mesh version was made by Selina Anatra, of Selina Anatra Design
Come test it in my store.
Call me for any issue
Alina Graf

So first thing is you actually getting two tables, in copy version, for price of one. Sculpt and mesh, fit all viewers and preferences, at least one will be rezzing well. Decoration is also in purchase box, and optional balls rezzing from table menu, so when you need to save prims, its just one click of the button.

Animations by Alina Graf where always impeccable and high quality, same like Xpose xcite system, witch is not most important thing for my decision, but in this price range is not even optional by other makers. Also if you using X4 xcite private parts, it will make sure, among other features, that you hitting right spot each time even when animation is changed because penis auto rotation feature.

Design is timeless, just right wood and all to fit and decorate, be ornament in any private or club space, and since copy option was mandatory on request, table will be for club use, decision is clear.

With [AA] Pool Table V1 (Mesh) you getting best for your hard earn lindens, in design, latest textures and build, premium animations and high quality system with top grade customer service in copy version.

I hope this article did help to make your choice in purchasing ideal RP adult sex pool table for your SL needs. URL for SL market place and in world store on the bottom.



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