SA Naughty Headstones Box

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Selina Anatra

- Selina Anatra Designs

Continuing my small Halloween furniture series i present for you today, my dear readers SA Naughty Headstones Box made by Selina Anatra.

Selina Anatra Designs are well known for sculpts and mesh that many other fine furniture makers in SL use for they products to, so when it comes to building and texture side, they are definitely one of the best on the market today.

In purchase box you will find 10 different unscripted and 10 different scripted headstones. All copy, and giving you freedom to decorate your own graveyard scene in any way you like and save scripts impact and prims on your land.

This is how Selina Anatra owner and creator of Selina Anatra Designs describe them:

Perfect for Home, Office, Yard or Halloween, these finely designed Headstones will fit with any decor.

They come scripted with some fun playtime activities for you and your partner.

Because these were taken from sacred burial grounds, they also have their own little ghostly helpers that can grab and hold victims for you (via RLV).

Want more poses? Sure..you can add your own poses too.

Xcite and Sensations compatible.

Also Includes unscripted versions to help you fill out that empty space.

**Dont need poses? Its also available in an unscripted package..see the store**

Keeping the top place among furniture creators in RLV force furniture Selina Anatra giving us once again so many options in low prim impact amazing good looking script light top of the line products.

If you didnt try them by now, use links for SL market place or in world store under the text and be sure to get your own copy. They work amazing same like they look ;)



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