*DD* Gorean Mesh Canopy Bedroom (BOX)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Ray Zymurgy

- Digital Dream Furniture

Many store owners saying that gorean RP players are best customers in SL. Dont care much about prims or anything, they just looking for items that will be looking and matching period they RP. Since gor items are well decorated in general, they are also usually very primy to. Till now.

Ray Zymurgy owner of Digital Dream Furniture store released new *DD* Gorean Mesh Canopy Bedroom (BOX).
I didnt do much reviews for goreans in SL so im really glad that i have this opportunity now. Lets hear creator Ray Zymurgy first and some technical details:

"Looking for low prims, lots of style?

Something to fit your gorean, medieval or fantasy lifestyle?

Want all of the amazing animations, scenes and toys?

Digital Dream Presents our low prim, high style, fully functional RP sets.

Ambient shading, unique textures, quality building and design.

Created with the Master & slave in mind, with many slave centered chores and training options.

Xpose Engine System

Easily adjusted poses
Can be set to group, all or owner only
Facial Animations on/off
Chat on/off
Compatible with Xcite! & Sensations
Can be shutdown when not in use
Low lag system, has been tested in fully active Gorean sims.

* 1073 HQ Animations
* Cuddle, Love, Sex Scènes
* Slave Chores & Training
* Slave Training
* Tools & toys to complete any playtime fun.
* Combine Xpose! and MLPV2 For more power and fun

For further information contact - Ray Zymurgy in world

Come check out this and other fantastic designs at our in-world location at Digital Dream.

@ Digital Dream Mainshop, all product are discounted for group member..."

Ray send me *DD* Gorean Mesh Canopy Bedroom (BOX) and first thing that i do with new furniture that i receive for review is photo shooting. But when i start to rez all from that purchase box i realize how much is in side. Really high detailed full equipped great looking gorean room.

Traditionally high quality animations are used in bed, xpose and all else did work like clock, no flaws, all smooth and impeccable. Menus are user friendly and intuitive. Covering all from cuddles to slave chores even with scene.

If you are in gor, mid-evil or fantasy RP this is one of finest rooms and purchase offers that you can find on market in this point of time. With true high class design, xcite, RLV, bondage etc all sexual and RP fantasies can be for filled in this great surrounding that new  *DD* Gorean Mesh Canopy Bedroom (BOX) is giving you.

Digital Dream Furniture store is well established, known by customer service and discount for group members so with purchasing Digital Dream Furniture products you can be sure that you getting high quality deal and finest products for your lindens. Reason more to visit Digital Dream Furniture stores on market place or in world on URL links that are under the text:



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