Alterior Motions Slave Wall Hanger V2.1

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: AprilMae Devin

- Alterior Motions

One of the store that i dearly love in SL is Alterior Motions owned by AprilMae Devin. Builder, creator and animator AprilMae does all by her self there. Selling high quality animations made by her and great furniture that she builds with her own mesh and textures. Persons like that in todays SL are not so easy to find.

Since BDSM and bondage getting more and more popularity is SL with each day im getting more questions about dungeon furniture and decorations. Influenced by that for todays review i did pick Alterior Motions Slave Wall Hanger V2.1 form  AprilMae Devin store. This is how she describes it:

"Alterior Motions Slave Wall Hanger - a decadent toy for your dungeon or play room.

13 unique couple animation sets created by Aprilmae Devin.

Powered by nPose, the no pose ball system.

6 prims land impact

Props included."

Alterior Motions Slave Wall Hanger V2.1 its certainly not something that you will see each day and that appealed to me even more. Discrete, low prim, almost decoration looking item with such great functionality.

Build to for fill latest standards in SL adult furniture and equipment industry, with nPose no pose balls system, 100% mesh low prim, CISS system and easy to use menu filled with top choice custom made animations that you will find only and exclusively in this piece of furniture make Alterior Motions Slave Wall Hanger V2.1 "must have" october item for all BDSM and bondage enthusiasts in SL.

Price is more then reasonable and it continue trend that i wanna present this week, top quality furniture for fair price thats original and affordable to all SL users. Alterior Motions store is one that plans to stay in SL and create not just make quick money and be gone.

Knowing AprilMae Devin did give me chance to testify her souther hospitality so if occasion arrive that you will be needing her assistance with something thats concerning her
fine products you can relay and rest assure that she will be there and oblige any reasonable request that you might have.

URL for market place and in world store under the text:



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