Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Kacey Pomegranate


I continue my Halloween special with something great from X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS. Like always Kacey Pomegranate decided to give her customers the "whole nine yards" so we have a scene (not animated but prim one like decor) and an animated coffin.

Scene (decor) you can buy separate, and coffin comes with scene included in purchase box.

- X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS COFFIN is 6  prims land impact

Details and textures are amazing. You have it all in here, from a pentagram with red candles, headstones, animated bats, ghosts, and a howling wolf sound that can be turned on or off.

When it comes to animations, beside romance, dance, foreplay, oral, interludes, sex, doggy, anal and freaky you also have a special menu section with vampire animations that are the most realistic ones of their kind in SL.  So these amazing animations together with the option to open and close the coffin lid make this item an ideal coffin for any blood line player or vampire/lycan enthusiast in SL, and it can be used all year long.

The Xpose system guarantees quality use and performance and all animations inside the coffin are extremely smooth and high quality ones, and thats axiom in all furniture made by X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS.

X-Clusives Animations ...

* Is one of the most popular animation shops in all of SL

* Has unique animations from romance to sex, daily living to dance, club animations & specialized BDSM devices, furnishings for the entire house, indoors and out (all animated).

* Has been in business for over 6 years and continues to grow!

* Has a main store covering 2 Sims FULL SIMS.

* Has over 10,000 members in 2 groups - The VIP group offers 25% discount on most products and special MM Board gifts.

* Is competitively priced, with numerous daily specials, discounts, in-store hunts, Free Specials, MM Boards and spontaneous prize give away.

* Doesn't just set up the shop and leave it to run itself.

* Has 20+ staff members offering high quality customer service, practically around the clock, and numerous languages represented.

* Hosts dances and contest within the shop, allowing for more socializing.

* Also host a number of high quality third-party vendor items.

* Partners with numerous businesses and events to help make Second Life a more diverse, enjoyable experience for all.

Great idea that's realized in something that we can rez, too. I hope that you, my dear readers, will find this X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS GRAVEYARD SCENE WITH ANIMATED COFFIN amazingly well made and have pleasure using it the same as i did on tests for review.

Links for SL market place and in world store under the text:



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