X-clusives Animations- Master's Cross


Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Kacey Pomegranate



Each day I'm witnessing numerous releases of new "old" products.  BDSM products are especially included in this category because you just can't have a dungeon without a cross, pillory, and items like that.

New items on the market don't necessarily mean an improved product, true, but there are some new animations or a menu that works better or a different cuff system or some better design solutions. So what I like to see is prims being cut down with the same good eye pleasing design and a great menu that's flawless and easy to use.  Kacey Pomegranate, owner of X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS store, is offering us exactly that.

In her new X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS MASTER'S CROSS she did manage to keep impeccable classical beauty in an old wood design and cut down land impact to only 3 amazing prims. In my collection of BDSM furniture I do have some crosses with 12, 20 or even 33 prims land impact. But I'm a collector, so it makes no difference to me since the old build versions are not in use and don't affect my prim count. If you are not collecting like I am and still using those "prim buster" old school crosses it's time for modernization and replacement. Not only will you have more prims to rez additional furniture or decorations for your dungeon, but you will be also getting premium new animations set in an easy to use menu, a CISS cuffs system that will work with almost all cuffs in SL, and quality in long term use that is traditional for X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS store and their products.

X-Clusives Animations ...

* Is one of the most popular animation shops in all of SL

* Has unique animations from romance to sex, daily living to dance, club animations & specialized BDSM devices, furnishings for the entire house, indoors and out (all animated).

* Has been in business for over 6 years and continues to grow!

* Has a main store covering 2 Sims FULL SIMS.

* Has over 10,000 members in 2 groups - The VIP group offers 25% discount on most products and special MM Board gifts.

* Is competitively priced, with numerous daily specials, discounts, in-store hunts, Free Specials, MM Boards and spontaneous prize give away.

* Doesn't just set up the shop and leave it to run itself.

* Has 20+ staff members offering high quality customer service, practically around the clock, and numerous languages represented.

* Hosts dances and contest within the shop, allowing for more socializing.

* Also host a number of high quality third-party vendor items.

* Partners with numerous businesses and events to help make Second Life a more diverse, enjoyable experience for all.

After all this said i can only recommend to you my dear readers to visit  Kacey Pomegranate X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS store and buy your own copy of her fine work. URL for market place and in world store are on bottom:



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