SC13 Naughty Rocks

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Maximus Chrome

- Scorpio13 Designs

All true ages rock was undisputed in durability, loved as foundation and decoration. Used as weapon, building material, material for destruction and to build safe house to. So why not use it for fucking also? ;)

Maximus Chrome owner and creator of Scorpio13 Designs store did came out with this so versatile piece of RP furniture SC13 Naughty Rocks. This is how he describes it:

"It's time to get back to nature with this naughty rock pile from Scorpio13 Designs. Featuring 12 natural looking rock textures and 9 multi-sits, this naughty item is discreet and perfect for any outdoor scene. The XPOSE menu features 10 single chained animations and 9 hand picked couple's erotic animations all chain configured and LockGuard/LockMeister compatible, guaranteed to please for those times when you just got to chain a slut to a rock and use her. :)"

Simple yet genius idea and product. No matter are you gorean, goth, BDSM, or any age of time and history you will have use and place for SC13 Naughty Rocks in any out door space on your land. Texture changer makes SC13 Naughty Rocks to be decoration and combine fine style and design with functionality. Price is more then affordable so waist no time and get your own rock pile on witch you will build erotic and sensual pleasures in SL.

Links for SL market place and in world store on the bottom:



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