Abiss Decadence full set

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Frasha Boa

- Abiss Interior Design

With great pleasure and joy im proud to present new store and creator that just joined to my Second Life Adult Furniture and Equipment blog. Established in 2007 its my honor to bring you my readers Frasha Boa owner of Abiss Interior Design store.

Like many good stores before i discovered Abiss by random luck. My friend invite me to some party in hers friends house. I was not thrilled to much but i did go any way. And like always after usual meeting and greeting after tp i start to look around and check furniture. And there it was. In his full glory Abiss Decadence set. instantly i click it and look for name of creator. 24 hrs later i was talking with Frasha Boa.

She is like all big creators, simple and easy to talk with. Likes to talk more about furniture then any thing else so we did fit great. This is what she told me about her store:

"We are proud to deliver most sophisticated designs since 2007.

Digital beauty is our objective and we are proud of our achievements. If you are looking for friendly customer care and simply most stunning designs, you are looking at right place...

Visit us in game to see what we offer"

For first presentation on my blog we choose for your reading pleasure Abiss Decadence full set. Its amazingly detailed well made 100% mesh set with texture changer that will make your club or private home just glow with style and high class felling.

Sofa is animated not just for sitting but it got full adult sex menu in side. In easy to use menu, MLPV2.4z7 system, you will find cuddles, 3some, adult and sequences. I really need to add that in adult sub menus all is full with animations and options; foreplay, ride, front, behind, rough, d/s, kabuki....
All in premium high quality chosen animations.

You can be sure that by purchasing this set you getting all round sitting set that will for fill all tasks from just socializing and hanging with friends to intimate moments full of passion and kink that you prefer. All that in impeccable great looking design.

When it comes to customer service all i can say is that is on same level as the look of Abiss Interior Design furniture. Stunning good.

With all that i will highly recommend Abiss Interior Design Abiss Decadence full set to you my respected readers. This level of quality work cant go unnoticed and im looking forward to see more of Frasha Boa creations.

Direct link for in world store under the text:


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