Copy Sex Bench v1 (Brown)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Quentin Calvert

- Jester Designs

Im getting very positive responses from you my readers about high quality items that i find for you at affordable prices, so before i present some huge beds in SL that coming out this month i decide that to keep up with trend that you like and keep all this week reviews at low or discounted prices.

That brings us to todays review piece,  Copy Sex Bench v1 (Brown) made by Quentin Calvert owner of  Jester Designs store. this is how he describe it:

"New addition to our popular range (July 2013) ~ sex bench with 186 wonderful positions (no cheap freebies). Its only 2 prims so is suitable for any home! It can also be colored to suit your own taste. Copy perms so rez as many as you like ~ ideal for landlords/ladies.

Includes solo sits, hot sex positions, cute cuddles and even a couple of slow dances. Some positions include built in low prim props."

As i did mentioned in yesterdays review, good fair price does not mean bad or low quality furniture, at least by stores that im reviewing it. Some people just like to make they creations affordable to all in SL and i like that idea.

Quentin Calvert using premium chosen animations in trusted system that gives you high grade durable furniture for your sensual and erotic moments in SL. Textures and whole build is well done, so you will not only get functional sex piece but also decoration for your SL private place or public club. And since reviewed item is copy you can rez it as much as you like.

Knowing Quentin Calvert for quite some time now, i can also assure you that his customer service is awesome and if you will have any trouble with his creations (that i never experienced so far) he will be there to assist you.

To conclude, what we have here is quality product with awesome price form long tradition and good reputation store. Witch means you have great, zero risk offer for fine furniture.

Links for SL market place and in world store are on the bottom:



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