BH Animations - Shack capture RLV Version 2.7

BH shack capture RLV Version 2.7

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Britt Halberstam

- BH Animations

Todays review will be bit different, but very honest and personal. Its so many reasons for it and i will share it all with you my readers. Recent few days in SL make me contemplate and wonder about few stuff, and this is what i came up with:

Things here are entwined and connected same like in RL, some feelings and emotions are maybe even more concentrate and intense. Using SL im sure you did meet with so many weirdos and complexes, caring people here to. People that value they "virtues" so f***ing high and exclusively even when they not exist in any place except they own, let me use mild word, ratio-challenged minds.
Im fully aware that my next few lines will raise a lot of Caine, but guess what, i dont care and im just exercise my right to speak my own mind.

Being active in SL porn world, and im active 'cos i wanna meet people that did spend more then 100 lin on they avi and enjoy to be sexually active like me and also to promote my blog; no good porn with out good furniture, make me meet and have pleasure to be friends with some great personalities in SL. I wont name any one 'cos i dont wanna to miss someones name but im sure they all know who they are :) Also on the other side few are true vanity fair royalty and excludes that wondering why they are excluded later. Let me explain and be 100% clear; any one can buy decent skin, boobs, hair, feet and all else to make them look hot, my self and many of my dear friends will be the first one to help with that, but sadly personalty, specially good one, manners and politeness cant be find in any store. So why any of that girls or even guys in some cases, wonders why they cant get good roles if they are "queen of spades" or having one for SL wife. They discriminate all on skin color base, so i dont care about your sexual preferences, if someone likes to eat s**t from one ass while in same time taking d**k in own ass its ok by me, but dont look high on me or any of my friends just cos we are not part of your twisted unreal discriminating fantasy.. Im more straight then George Straight, but i have to take my heat to at gay sims in sl. All genders should be welcomed and no one will be ejected or baned, but TRY to enter shemale sim, beast breeding sim or lesbian sim as male human avi. Or some afro american supremacy sim as caucasian male. Im saying this from personal experience, cos i was working as sim security on beast human female breeding sim, and i did meet humans behind beasts. Majority are with terminal sickness, cancer, aids, so probably that beast avi in this SL gives them what they sadly missing and need in RL. Strength and health. And i can relate to that, i think. Im sure that im grateful to God that i dont have to.

Second and even more bigger issue is not valuating other people work, effort and time. Dont get me wrong, im not saying that we all need to create something, build, blog or what ever, having SL as just play and entertainment is perfectly ok, but if you are creating something dont blow it out of proportions and spit on everyone else work. Dont say to bloger that trying to promote your work, to say nice things and praises your creation that she or he need 30 min for that article. Dont lie and say you spend 6 month on creating your furniture, when all can see thats nothing on that piece made by you. Other peoples animations that you just bought, other peoples sculpt or mesh that you also just bought, and even other peoples textures that you just use on it. Cos if you think majority in SL will not know, there are still few SL people that do. Damn my fingers getting tired from typing now lol

Please let me explain why i did say all that here. Britt Halberstam owner of BH Animations and her product, BH shack capture RLV Version 2.7 that im reviewing for you reading pleasure today is all what i didnt mention above. Extremely polite and easy to work with. No 2 hours talks what shall we review how we will do it, is it smart or not, just do it and ty for doing it. Making all by her self, form textures, mesh and animations, to create unique RP pleasure experience for us. Using maximum allowed animation time duration and number of frames to give us best what LL letting her to give. All big creators, my dear friends, are like that, down to earth, common and simple to talk but limitless in inspiration and imagination. Britt Halberstam did even go one step more today and she created her own photo story to present her product. Pictures are so high quality that even if i dont use others for my blog, i will publish hers with pleasure this time.

Here are some technical description of her fine product  BH shack capture RLV Version 2.7:

The BH shack is building for people who interesting on capture and force RP, it will give you new experiences in a unique environment.
The BH shack can be used as a house or a skybox ( your choice) and consists of several unconnected parts.


- over 200 unique long loop animations for bdsm, bondage and force play in finest quality with facial expressions

- the whole skybox need only 59 prim include all furniture and devices (without the optional skybox only 50 prim)
(temporary up to 36 prims more for pose-balls and posts if you use all devices to the same time)

- each usable device in the shack use RLV as well, include catch function

- pulley and bed undress your partner while using RLV with true animations

- sequences with correct animated transitions between animations

- realistic representation of bondage including showing of ropes

- fast adjusting Position without the options menu

- works with the most commonly used cuffs in SL (LockGuard V2)

- build your BH shack as house on the ground or as sky-box just with a click

With the BH shack you get a whole RP building include following devices:

* BH bondage bed dirty 2.4 (120 animations)

* BH bondage pulley 2.4 (49 animations) available exclusive and only with the BH shack

* BH forcing table (36 animations)

* BH hutch (full driven RLV cage for up to 3 persons you can handle separately) available exclusive and only with the BH shack

I hope i didnt ramble to much and that you will find BH shack capture RLV Version 2.7 excellent high quality unique RP product great like i did. URL for market place store and in world store are listed below:



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