Something Else - Master Sofa

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Cerina Zeplin

- Something Else Designs

One of the stores that i like allot, Something Else Designs, is continuing to make great new stuff. When i meet Cerina Zeplin she just opened her store. And we all know that each beginning is hard. First of her "big projects" was Master Chair 3.0 Cognac that i reviewed on august 22.


Couple month and updates later there she is making expansion and filling up whats missing in her assortment, new matching Master Sofa with same great textures, design and even better animations.

This is what Cerina Zeplin says about her new sofa:

"It's finally here!!  Thank you so much for your patience!

The sofa to match the Master Chair is here in 3 colors with color changing pillows, single sits, friends sits, and over 200 couples animations including amazing cuddles, kisses, and SEX!  Hot Sex too! FOUR erotic sequences also included to enhance your scene!
20% new item discount to group members so WEAR YOUR TAG!!"

In my eyes its another well done and finalized product from
Something Else Designs that stands up to store logo "too beautiful to keep in a dungeon"

Sofa got 13 prim land impact, easy to use menu. I was most impressed with cuddles, solo and friends couple animations. That kinda non sexual side of menu makes this sofa ideal not just for hard core sims and places but also necessary and high decorative furniture for all day use in each private home or club. Now dont get me wrong, im not saying its lacking on foreplay and sex, because its not, im just trying to point out that is not only created for that. All my female friends saying that big cuddle menu is advantage, and believe me its plenty for us males in side to (from male domination, oral to hard core sex).

I like to add two additional reasons to buy this product and thats price and customer service.

Cerina Zeplin gives 20% discount price for group members and her group is free to join in. Also by being perfectionist in creating she is the same with needs of hers customers.
So if you didnt visit her Something Else Designs store till now you are missing some great offers, products and service.  


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