Xplicit Intense Desire Bed(T)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Jodi Morane


Jodi Morane is well know name in adult furniture businesses, for quality and new solutions and ideas. With this brand new release in her version 8 (V8) "Intense" line of beds she really did make more then few huge steps forward and implemented some new things that was so far unseen on AVsitter™2.0 platform.

First lets give space to Jodi Morane, owner and creator of XPLICIT FURNISHINGS sex furniture store, to give us some technical details and description of her new fine Xplicit Intense Desire Bed:

"There are 5 new beds in this new V8 menu release. However this 'Intense Desire bed is designed to compliment our recent Vanity Table.
Our newest ‘Intense’ bed answers all those longing desires that you have had. Everything in this bed has been added with the aim of ensuring that it meets one single objective: your heightened 'Intense' stimulation.
I believe that a good design should feel effortless to the user and when you use this bed, there will be no breaks in your role playing fantasy. It just works and works well.
No longer will you feel that you have to spend months learning a menu to get the fullest pleasure out of it, There are 611 animations and every single one of them are top quality.
Use this bed with confidence knowing that you are getting the latest in Second Life scripting, animations and mesh models.

Buy with confidence- copyable beds will be free lifetime updates and the option of redelivery.

What you will receive:
*Mesh bed
*Mesh bedside table with lamps
*Mesh shelf with accessories

-- 'NO POSEBALL' bed
-- 611 animations of the highest quality
-- 20 full seamless scenes
-- F, M, MF, MM, FF, MMF and MFF

1. RLV
Choose the victim from the scan results. The victim will not be able to use the menu unless you give touch rights back via the RLV menu. RLV has various features for you to explore and discover.
You may choose to use the bed without RLV being active, it functions just as well without it.

There are two types of scenes,
One set has no controls and will play through automatically in an continuous loop. Some of these scenes are, massage, pole dancing, sleep, sexting and force.
The second set of scenes have a built in control. These controls allow you to go backward, forward and show you in the menu where you are in the scene as it plays out.
These scenes are highly sensual and you will find a scene for every mood, hugging intimately, some soft gentle romance leading into sex or more hardcore pounding or kinks.

Texture menu to make it suit your deco.

This allows you to rezz various props to held enhance your role playing scene.These props will remain even if you stand.
These include rose petals (1 prim) on bed, clutter on floor (4 prims), wine bucket and glasses(3 prims), 16 candles (2 prims) and 3 pillows (3 prims) .

You no longer have to hunt for props in your inventory, Props will avatar when the related pose is played. Just say “yes” to the pop up message requesting permission
This bed uses a number of attachments. When the related pose is chosen a message prop up asking you for permission to attach to your AV.

Example: of attached props
Cum to the mouth in related ‘Cum’ pose; whip, dildo , gag, blindfold and many many more.

There are various props that will rezz to support various animations. These are linked to sitter menus and may not appear unless both sitters are on the bed.
e.g *blanket over couple in the sleep scene. Touch the blanket to make it disappear if you do not want a blanket. . Breakfast tray, book, and more. (all props are low prim and will not exceed 5 prims)

This is available only to the owner.
Use the [ADJUST] sub-menu to find the security sub-menu. You can set bed to all, owner or group.
This will limit who can use the bed. You can get a read out of this option in local chat.

Face animation will play for relevant poses such as an open mouth for blow jobs.The owner will have the option of turning this setting off.

The BDSM menu on pezzed props requires the use of chains for a realistic appearance.
You can use the cuffs provided in the menu or any Lockguard cuffs to automatically make the chain particles appear. These are Xplicit custom made mesh cuffs fitted for male and female.

A full dungeon in one low prim design. A great replacement or compliment for many sex toys as each piece of rezzed furniture has been made to be of high quality and low prim,
-- BDSM furniture with corresponding sub-menu
* Cross with related animations
*Throne with related animations
*Captive chair with related animations
*Bar with related animations
*Table with related animations
*Plus more

Now you have full access to the full menu as a threesome. The third sitter will have a solo menu, this will allow male or female sitter to use the solo menu to play with themselves, while the two first sitters have access to the rest of the menu. You can also interact with the other two sitters using the threesome menu of MMF scene and MFF poses.

Fetish menu has something for everyone, Dommes, chores, ball crushing scene, force scene, breast, foot play and many more.

Come and visit us inworld; and demo see for yourself why there was a waiting list for the release for this bed.
Xplicit Customer Care
Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. If you experience any difficulties at all please contact us via a notecard or visit us in-person at our Main Store."

There is few things that i would like to emphasize about this new Xplicit Intense Desire Bed(T).

Risking that this will be review to log for read i just have to mention few new technical solutions that are implemented in this new product. For example rezzing and attaching items.

For example, u wanna whip your sub, u got prop and request to add that to your avi. You click on yes. whip shows up, you can edit it to fit in right place if your avi is under or above average, and when u done with that animation and you switch to new one, that whip is gone. But its also gone form your inventory, doesn't take any space and fill you with extra items that you don't need. original, unique and great solution if you ask me.

Also menu, huge and vast but still so simple and user friendly, so you don't need any "breaking in" or learning period, you can just rez this new product and use it like you been having it for more then few months.

All animations used in this new fine product are top quality, long in duration and frames per second rich and smooth in transitions. Carefully chosen to provide you with all around animated support from each day PG activities, like eating sleeping etc to hard core sex and fetish BDSM.

With my recommendation i would suggest all to take few min and try this fine new product, unique and advanced Xplicit Intense Desire Bed(T) that you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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