Something Else - Master Chair 4.0 Deep Cognac

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Cerina Zeplin

- Something Else Designs

Well i'm not hiding that i'm emotionally more connected to some stores and to some creators then the other ones, its only human, but all that knows me well that never will affected my judgment or evaluation of someones work. When it comes to Cerina Zeplin's Something Else Designs store i'm felling little bit like godfather, because i still remember very vividly how i need to "twist her arm" and try to persuade her to open store and that her furniture is more then good enough for SL market. And after year now, at least i think its one year from opening, not only that that she have v4 of her best selling chair Something Else - Master Chair 4.0 Deep Cognac updated and upgraded but finally market place store also. Way to go Cerina Zeplin!

Lets give some space at beginning of review and hear what Cerina Zeplin have to say about her new updated and upgraded product:

"A beautifully textured mesh Masters chair you will be proud to place in your home (or dungeon). It includes the most essential animations for Master & slave role play such as kneeling, spanking, and erotic service. It covers everything from tender cuddle and kiss moments to the more sensual. Everything a Master and his submissive need.

* 20 Singles Sits

* 75 Couples Animations


9 Prims land impact

Modify & Transfer, No Copy"

Ill be bit brave and break it simple for you, you getting in this chair amazing realistic looking texture and menu that will in some other stores for same design cost 3 times more then new Something Else - Master Chair 4.0 Deep Cognac.

New v4 is available in 4 colors which includes a new Crimson Velvet, and compared to old v3 version it have new single role play sits, 20 new couples animations and new sex spanks. And update is free for all that have old v3 version that i did review on august 22. 2013.


To make long story short its great looking product, at fair price form creator that constantly working on updating and upgrading hers already awesome products. User friendly menus, top quality animations and superb performance in use are just few of features that this new Something Else - Master Chair 4.0 Deep Cognac have to offer so please, with my true recommendation, try it out and look for it on SL market place and in world store on links under the text:



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