*DANIKA* - :.: Babygirl Daybed :.: [Girls Room SexSofa]

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Dani Knelstrom

- Danimations Store

Danimations Store bringing up new ideas and new upgraded systems. Latest example of that is this new *DANIKA* - :.: Babygirl Daybed :.: [Girls Room SexSofa]. Daddy's girls, Barbie dolls and all similar fetish lovers will be thrilled when they see it.

But first lets give some space for creator Dani Knelstrom to give us description and technical details:

::::: FMEv1.0 Animations Engine :::::
by Danimations™

Thank you for your purchase of a Danimations product powered by the excitig new FMEv1.0 engine.  I hope you have as much fun using it as it was for me to make it!

The FMEv1.0 (Fuck Me!Engine Version 1.0) is a full feature engine filled with nearly 300 top-class animations created by the best animation studios working in Second Life today.  Everything from sweet loving cuddles to very pervy fetish stuff is included, and even some silly playful ones.  The engine scripting is a modifed and optimized version of MLP, here are the credits:

Core scripting MLPV2.4z9 by Learjeff Innis
Based on MLP MULTI-LOVE-POSE V1.2 - Copyright (c) 2006, by Miffy Fluffy (BSD License)
15-color balls by Lizz Silverstar
Give add-on by Chaz Longstff for MLPV2 June 2008
FMEv1.0 modifications & script optimization by Dani Knelstrom 2011

Just rez the bed, then click it to turn it on.  You will get a message that says like this:

:.: My New SexBed :.: whispers: Your Danimations™ product is starting up... Please wait

((note: start up can take some time, especially if there is lag on the sim.  When ready it will say...))

:.: My New SexBed :.: whispers: Danimations™ Engine FMEv1.0: Ready For Action!!

Then just click it again to get the menus :) The default positions are based avatars of female 1,63m/5,4ft and male of 1,97m/6,4ft ... this is the "basic" DanikaBodies shape using female size and the "average" SL male.  You can adjust the poses of course from the OPTIONS menu.

A few of the poses require a whip.  On the main menu there is a "Get Toys" option, from there you can take a whip..  and also a nice quality strap on for girl/girl situations that want to use the boy/girl sex positions.  Of course if you already have a whip and/or strap on you like, it is totally fine to use you own ones :)

You can add animations, menus, sounds, etc... anything you want if you understand how to do such editing.  As this engine is based on the MLP2 you do it same as on any MLP2 product.
The product is mod, so you can re-texture, resize, etc with the basic SL editing tools.  If something gets "messed up" and need help fixing or returning it to original "look", just contact DANIKA ★ DESIGN support staff :)

That is all!  Thanks again for buying this product and I really hope you love it and it gives you lots of hot and FUN times!

Dani Knelstrom
Creator & Owner

Available in world store only this new product, *DANIKA* - :.: Babygirl Daybed :.: [Girls Room SexSofa], is definitely unique and blazing the trail for all rest that will follow. RP scene for daddy doms and barbie girls is big so im sure this new feature from Danimations Store will find his customers and many will enjoy it.

Using new Danimations™ FMEv1.0.SOFA - Special Edition Engine, this well designed new item did prove him self good on test for review. Menu is logical and easy to use divided on following sub menus: social sits, romantic, group fun, foreplay, suck & lick, penetrate, girl sex, cum shots, spankings and get toys.

All animations used in new Danimations™ FMEv1.0.SOFA - Special Edition Engine where top quality, smooth running, transitions easy and well aligned, so whole product did show high craftsmanship in making and high precision work on details. I was not able to find any down side to it at all and Dani Knelstrom did prove once again that she is high quality producer not only when it comes to skin and outfits but when it comes to adult furniture to.

This unique interesting and new Danimations™ FMEv1.0.SOFA - Special Edition Engine with other fine Danimations Store products u can find in world store on link under the text:


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