SC13 Naughty Wall Art - Squares

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Maximus Chrome

- Scorpio13 Designs

Another great idea and well made top quality product for ultra low price from Scorpio13 Designs owned and created by Maximus Chrome. SC13 Naughty Wall Art - Squares show in best way that decorations can, and if you ask me, should have functional purpose to.

This is Maximus Chrome's short story and his view on new product:

“Eh, I’m not sure if it truly speaks to me.” I said to the girl as I looked over the square metal frames. She bit her lip. Poor thing, she had shown me at least 100 pieces of art and I could see the frustration growing on her. Although, probably more evident than her slightly irritated demeanor was her eagerness to get a sale. The gallery was empty except for us. Most of the lights had already been dimmed and the other employees had left. The heavy traffic outside was a murmur through the thick glass. The blinds had already been closed and the door locked. I turned and looked at her playfully and then back to the piece on the wall. “I imagine the commission for these high end pieces is pretty substantial?” I questioned her, indicating I could see such thoughts on her face. “Why yes it is.” She said softly, no obvious expression on her face. I reached out, my fingers stroking along her arm, “Well perhaps we should sweeten the deal?” She didn’t move back but watched my fingers as they traced along her flesh. She looked up at me and grinned wickedly. “Yes, I think that can be arranged.” she simply said and then hooked her fingers under the collar of her dress. She pulled and the whole thing slid off her body like it was attached by velcro, revealing the rather exquisite garter belt and bustier beneath that she had been wearing. I laughed for a moment, thinking she looked like she just stepped off a Victoria’s Secret runway show, but only for a second as I grabbed her and pressed her against the wall, raping her lips with my own. Our clothes did not take long to end up in a pile on the floor and as I rammed my thick cock inside her tight hole, she moaned and purred like a kitten. Her thighs wrapped around my waist and I pumped her with long, deep strokes. Amazingly, when you’re balls deep in some hot, tight little snatch it is as if time itself stands still. This gave me ample opportunity to examine the art as I pounded her and I was then truly able to appreciate it. I will admit I bought that piece of art, but only after I painted my own creamy Picasso all over her naked flesh. :)

Urban, modern, stylish design, perfect for any home or business with the additional functionality of super hot naughtiness...check it out!!

This item is part of the Scorpio13 Designs Naughty Wall Decor Collection. This is a collection of items, designed specifically to be placed against the wall in order to use the flat surface for realistic utilization of the positions. The idea is to have everyday items that might be found in a variety of environments as part of this collection in order to maintain a stylish, yet incognito display for one's toys."

First that i must say about new SC13 Naughty Wall Art - Squares is what great idea!!! My readers know that i like menu in unusual pieces of furniture and decoration and thats exactly what this new product from Scorpio13 Designs provide us with. Well made decoration and high value usage menu driven item.

Following latest SL adult furniture demands and market requests, new  SC13 Naughty Wall Art - Squares is is low prim 100% mesh item, with AVsitter™2.0 system that insure quality and easy use. Menu is filled with top quality animations chosen for this fine new product, smooth running, no glitches in transition, frames per second rich and full giving us awesome animated support for RP of our choice.

I also need to make remark of the price, don't be scared by just 400L$ that Maximus Chrome asking for it. SC13 Naughty Wall Art - Squares is by any doubt high quality made product that is superb in his performance and design.

This new and other fine Scorpio13 Designs products you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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