*DD* The Stalker SHaCK V3

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Ray Zymurgy

- Digital Dream Furniture

SL is big fantasy land, where all dreams and dirty secrets can come true. So this review will be dedicated to Stalkers, and all "unwilling" victims. Secluded, on hill top or deep in forest shack might be safe heaven or kinky predator hiding place. Ray Zymurgy, owner and creator of Digital Dream Furniture store giving us exactly that, fully build and furnished *DD* The Stalker SHaCK V3 that is ideal for RP.

Some technical details and description from creator Ray Zymurgy:

"Digital Dream Role Play Division

ThE STalKer ShacK

Looking for low prims, lots of style?
Something to fit your Urban or Rape fantasy?
Want all of the amazing animations, scenes and toys?

Digital Dream Presents our low prim, high style, fully functional RP sets.
Ambient shading, unique textures, quality building and design.
Created with the Stalker & Victim in mind, with many Victim centered Capture and Rape options.

Xpose Engine System

Easily adjusted poses
Can be set to group, all or owner only
Facial Animations on/off
Chat on/off
Compatible with Xcite! & Sensations
Can be shutdown when not in use
Low lag system, has been tested in fully active Urban sims.

* 320 Animations
* Capture & Cage
* Victim Rape
* Fully Furnished
* Tools & toys to complete any playtime fun."

Well crafted and textured shack like *DD* The Stalker SHaCK V3 just cant be with out review on my blog. I did have more then few request for structures like this one to be reviewed on my blog but so far i didn't find any that i can stand behind, till this Ray's creation come up.

76 prims in total is not much at all considering how many details out side and inside it contains and its something really unusual and unique in adult furniture world.

XPOSE (version 4.0 ul) is system for menu, user friendly, divided in following sub menus: tool, life, cuddle, scenes, be dirty and 2 on 1. All animations used in this fine product are carefully chosen to give you best quality, be smooth in transition and long in duration while you enjoying in your RP.

Digital Dream Furniture is well known store, with long tradition and care for they customers, so in world store Ray Zymurgy got some special offers for all of you, fell free to come and take look.

With all that said i can only recommend this *DD* The Stalker SHaCK V3 and other fine products from Digital Dream Furniture store that you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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