PAINTOY Factory Love Chair V1.01

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Jenni Eales

- The PAINTOY Factory

A new item released from The PAINTOY Factory store is PAINTOY Factory Love Chair V1.01. Since last review i made about Jenni Eales creations i did have numerous im's from you my readers asking me to make more review of her products and all of you seems to agree that you like her good work for fair price.

PAINTOY Factory Love Chair V1.01 continues that tradition, offering brand new well made item with custom animations in copy version for just 500L$. Interesting and unusual design will make this chair fell welcome in ur living room, bedroom or in gym, and thats just one of advantages.

MLPV2.4t system with Xcite! script is what makes this new product running, its trusted solution, so no problems should be expected.

Menu is user friendly, divided to foreplay and sex. Animations are custom, in premium quality, smooth in transition and FPS (frames per second) rich allowing you to relax and have your focus on RP and not getting your self lost in menu options.

On test for review new PAINTOY Factory Love Chair V1.01 did function with any issues or problems and i was pleased with performances that i have seen.

With all that said i can only conclude with recommendation for this new PAINTOY Factory product that proves that price is not guarantee of quality, and that good working well made furniture can be bought well under couple thousand lindens.

You can find this PAINTOY Factory Love Chair V1.01 on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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