Abiss Interior - La Moda couch

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Frasha Boa

- Abiss Interior Design

After my last review of Abiss The Apartment you send me many requests to make review of another fine Abiss product, La Moda couch. Since i hold your opinion and any feed back important here it is, for your reading pleasure Abiss Interior - La Moda couch.

Some opening words and technical details from creator and owner of Abiss Interior Design store, Frasha Boa:

La Moda couch is carefully designed stylish seating.

## Design facts:
no mod permissions,
no copy/transfer
24 prims total
Footprint 4.16 x 2.14 m (shadow prim)

Click here to visit Abiss inworld store

## Features:

- made of several different materials, in various colors and patterns.

- couch seats, left, middle and right contain multiple sitting/relaxing individual poses, easily changed by sitting on them and touching again with LMB. To sit, target desired seat and press RMB (right mouse button), then choose Sit Here from Pie menu. These poses are adjustable. To fit your avatar, type /1a in main chat window, this will bring up pose adjustment menu in upper right corner. Number of poses/animations for sits is 12 for each cushion (some are overlapping).

- Headboard or a seat back contains texture / design switching menu that gives access to countless combinations.
Owner can choose styles of framework and fabrics. 6 different framework colors (black, white, brushed-like and old wood, walnut, silver and golden). 17 different fabrics made with care and focused on details. Owner can set permission for access to this menu.

- Touching elsewhere, side arms or base, brings up another MLPV driven menu, with ~ 130 animation pairs, sorted in following categories: cuddles, intimacy, girls only and modeling sets of poses. Takes up to 60 seconds to load, depending on sim performance.
Special thanks to our partner and co-author, Mo Miasma. Around 45 exclusive, couture modeling poses for single and couple avatars.
- In total 127 pose / animation PAIRS (250+ animations)
For more information on MLPV, visit following URL:


- Why do I hover, sitting, after sitting on a poseball?
Be sure to answer "Yes" to the popup that asks permission to animate your avatar. This is often buried under the MLP main menu, so click the ">>>" to cycle through menus. This is SL behavior and there is no way to fix it, other than turning "remenu" off.

- Will my animations be lost if I lose a poseball?
No. The animations are not placed the balls, they remain in the main MLP object. Don't worry about the poseballs, they are copies of the one in the MLP object. A balls will commit suicide if left behind somewhere (the MLP object needs to be within 20m).

- "Script run-time error / Stack-Heap Collision"?
Touch headboard (seat back), you`ll see Reset option from popup menu. Press and restart your couch in regular boot way (touch base or surrounding prims).
Couch has auto reset system embedded, use this in case it does not activate automatically.

- I can’t find poseballs?
Go to menu/options, shutdown and restart.


Enjoy this Intimate Sectional and all its wonderful features!
Another Fine Blend of Class & State of the Art Technology from your friends at Abiss Interior!

Copy version scripts are modified in way so your tenants can use couch without need of your presence. Simple start it up, and tell them to avoid shutting down (restart is fine)
Inside COPY package, you will receive another set of seats, this time without intimacy menu. This one is useful for high traffic areas (shops, clubs etc.) when you have no need for intimate couple poses nor you need some exhibitionists, thus reducing script time and lag.

There are no separate "without menu" cheaper sale options, since we are not selling poses, but design in general.

Best Regards,
Abiss & Associates

In my eyes, with out any doubt, we have another amazingly well designed piece of furniture in front of us. Frasha Boa did great job and high decorative value of this Abiss Interior - La Moda couch is indisputable. Ideal for manors, mansions, and any other high class and style interior structure this fine product will be eye catcher thats amazingly easy to fit and blend in. Huge texture changer with plenty of top quality textures is at ur disposal, all you have to do is click and indulge your imagination and decorations needs.

When it comes to animations menus you have two of them. One just for sitting without poseballs and all you have to do is click on couch and choose sit and menu will pop up. Second, MLPV driven, menu is in bottom wooden frame of couch, easy to use, divided in sub menus. 3 of them for cuddles, girl fun, 2 of them for sex, miscellaneous and even modeling sub menu. All of them are filled with top quality premium animations, running and switching smoothly giving you best animated support for your RP scenario.

I can only add that quality of making and performance of this fine Abiss Interior - La Moda couch did earn him permanent rezzed place in my castle.

With that said i can only recommend my dear readers to visit the Abiss Interior Design on SL market place or in world store on links under the text and try demo version or buy this fine product for them self.



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