NBC Sex Refrigerator V1.2 XCITE With Theme Changer Version 1.2

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Nicolette Brinner

- *NBCreations* High quality animated sex furniture

Great new product is just released from *NBCreations* High quality animated sex furniture, NBC Sex Refrigerator V1.2 XCITE With Theme Changer Version 1.2. You dont see to many household appliances with full sex menu and many other options so i do believe this new item has great future and place in sex furniture line.

At the beginning like always opening words and technical details from creator Nicolette Brinner:

"NBC Sex Refrigerator V1.2 XCITE With Theme Changer

- XCITE Compatible
- Over 350 Animations
- 185 Solo, Couples and 3Some poses
- 7 Hot Scenes/Sequences (Also playable by auto play function)
- Open-able doors with sound
- Themes changer menu:
- 27 Special Themes
- 27 Solid Color Themes
- 27 Standard Color Themes
- Doors, handles, base, dispenser all individually changeable
- Sex Toys, Snacks, Ice Creams & Drinks Included
- Facial Expressions
- Land impact=15
- Copy yes / Mod Yes / Transfer No

NBC Sex Refrigerator Menu Includes:

- Pussy-Play
- Pussy-Lick
- BJ-Scene-1 (Playable BJ Sequence/Scene)
- BJ-Scene-2 (Playable BJ Sequence/Scene)
- FaceRideScene (Playable Ride His Face Sequence/Scene)
- 69+Mast-MF:
- 69 and HJ+Lick poses
- 69-Scene-1 (Playable 69 Sequence/Scene)
- 69-Scene-2 (Playable 69 Sequence/Scene)
- TITS-SCENE (Playable TitFuck+BJ Sequence/Scene)
- SEX-SCENE (Playable Sex Sequence/Scene)
THEMES ( To customize your refrigerator as you like it )
SCENES ONLY ( All the 7 Playable Sequences/Scenes in one menu)


Food & drinks in refrigerator that is in picture is NOT included! But you can put your own in.


Want your own special theme on your refrigerator? Perhaps a picture of your bf or gf, that special moment, a real precise color or style or perhaps just like to have your own face on it? Contact me, Nicolette Brinner, for possibilities and prices. Note!! Only valid for owners of a NBC Sex Refrigerator.


I can tell you its all High quality animations and absolutely no freebies included but come try it out at my in world store and convince yourself.
I like my products to speak for themselves.
Enjoy !!!

I take my customer service seriously. If you have any question regarding any product you can contact me ( Nicolette Brinner ) by IM when i am on line but please send me a notecard with your questions when im off line to be sure it all reaches me.
Thank you for Shopping at NBCreations

NBCreations, official partner of Xcite"

There is few things that i wanna add and emphasize on all said above;

First is size of menu. Its really huge but in same time user friendly and you wanna get lost in it because is 100% logical. Main menu is divided in flowing sub menus: hangout, cuddles, flirt&kiss, masturbate, foreplay, sex, 3 some, cum and scenes only. Just by reading names of sub menus all can see that this new *NBCreations* High quality animated sex furniture product is versatile, and it will do good not only as sex platform but also as daily hanging out device.

Second that i like to add is texture and theme changer plus copy feature. This makes this new NBC Sex Refrigerator V1.2 XCITE With Theme Changer Version 1.2 extremely easy to blend in any space, urban, slum, villa, manor... you name it this refrigerator got face and texture for all of them. Copy feature makes him ideal for public sim owners, skybox renters etc.

Last but not least that caught my eye is choice and position of animations. Nicolette Brinner did give self time and chose really some best top quality animations that SL got to offer, you wont be find any free and cheep stuff in this fine product, and also put them in perfect alignment, so over all impression of new NBC Sex Refrigerator V1.2 XCITE With Theme Changer Version 1.2 is more then positive and high quality in all segments.

On test i was not able to find any down side or any flaw in this new product. All was functioning impeccable and flawless so that leaves me no choice but to highly and sincerely recommend this new product that you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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