H&S~ Enchanted Evening Fireplace~Dark Marble

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Abbadon Soulstar

- Heart & Soul Designs

Another new and well made product from Heart & Soul Designs owned by Abbadon Soulstar, H&S~ Enchanted Evening Fireplace~Dark Marble, that im sure it will be noticed and well accepted on market. Containing all finest and latest what SL adult furniture industry have to offer at this point of time.

This is how Abbadon Soulstar describes it:

"⁂•:.♥.:• ⁂ Seduction Series ⁂•:.♥.:•⁂
H&S~Enchanted Evening Fireplace~

Come Slap our MM board and try out our lucky chair


104 high quality animations!
Our Animations are among the best in SL!!
All legally purchased from the top animators on the grid.

H&S~Enchanted Evening Fireplace~ 14 Prims
Instructions and LM to Heart & Soul Design Inworld

Featuring the *NEW* AVSitter 2 engine ( NO POSE BALLS ) just click and sit. One of the many new features of AVsitter2 is select role when sitting, when you first sit each person will get a menu, notice the standard arrangement in my set up are as follows. I have identified each sitter with the type of menu used. You may see male 1 male 2 and Female 1 and female 2. male 1 and female 2 are always couples or single animations. the exception is if the menu contains no single animations. In which case each sitter will start in the first couples pose of the menu.
Male 2 and Female 2 will be part of a 3 some unless the menu contains 4 some then they will have paired poses with each other as will male & female 1. By using the back button on the menu sitters may swap position with anyone on the menu. This is awesome for MMFF or MMF & FFM, you can literally swap with any partner.
PROPS, another new feature with AVsitter 2 is handling of props. when playing an animation your ava may have an item rez near them which is to be used to enhance the the animation examples are a strap-on or dildo, wine glasses, cigarettes. To use the prop simply touch it and accept the menus request to animate your avatar. when you change poses the item will poof, providing there not a lot of lag then it may take a few seconds.
Also don't freak out if someone other than you touches the item first. Just smack them and toggle back to another pose then back to the prop pose. ^^
**REMEMBER THIS TO AVOID CONFUSION** It's always good to have one person driving the menu.

This Item is click and sit no pose balls. look for the chair icon when you move your cursor over the the item. When you see the chair just click & sit if you close the menu just click again to retrieve it. Each User can adjust their position using the simple and easy to use menu. From the first page of the menu select adjust, then use the following guide if you are happy with the position hit save it will remember you the next time you use it.
X moves your avatar Left or Right using the direction arrows on your keyboard
Y moves your avatar Forward or back using the direction arrows on your keyboard
Z moves your avatar up or down using the direction arrows on your keyboard
On the Personal Adjustment tab on your menu you can see the options available
Most common setting to use is the is the 0.01 movement this will slowly and safely move your avatar in small increments when you are accustom to using this method you may experiment using larger increments. If you fuck it up, you can all ways resort to Default and start over with smaller increments :-)

These items are copy no mod no transfer so you can set out as many as you like. No mod because these are mesh items, Textures are baked on and it can't be improved on without proper shadow maps. Sorry but re- texturing mesh objects is not always possible or recommended.

**H&S~Enchanted Evening Fireplace~ ** 104 Animations
"BUTTON FireOn/Off" Use this button to turn the fire on and off
"BUTTON Fire Crackle" Use this button to turn the Crackling sound on and off
StandCuddle1-12 romantic and sweet standing poses for couples
StandCuddle2- 8 more sweet and romantic standing poses
StandCuddle3- 8 I like cuddles :-) can ya tell?.. Sweet and cozy
Sit Cuddles4- 9 tender and loving sitting poses, some with props
Kisses- 9 Yummy kissing poses with props...things start to heat up..winks
Erotic- 18 steamy poses all the favorites everyone expects
Sizzle- 17 against the wall poses, some of the best you'll find anywhere!
Singles- 6 just relaxing single poses , reading , surfing the web, ladies will love this ( single are on the male menu but fitted for the ladies :-)
Friends- 6 kick back and chill pose, chat, read, surf the web you and your friends will enjoy these


These items are copy no mod no transfer so you can set out as many as you like. No mod because these are mesh items, Textures are baked on and it can't be improved on without proper shadow maps. Sorry but re- texturing mesh objects is not always possible or recommended.


If you need help with your purchase please send a notecard in world to Abbadon Soulstar or Quasar Howley . Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. Please rate your purchase on Marketplace. We love your feedback!"

After such wast and detailed description there is not much left for me to say. I'll just add that H&S~ Enchanted Evening Fireplace~ is available in 3 different textures, with out texture changer. Some will say thats down side but im more for low scripts, and absence of texture changer means exactly that, so if you don't completely change your hose each month i thing you will appreciate low lag more.

AVsitter™2.0 is system that drives it, on test it was smooth and working impeccable. All animations where well aligned, in high quality and fps (frames per second) rich. Menu is big, but still user friendly and it don't require any learning or adapting period. Covering all form friends and singles to kisses and erotic in sub menus its well all around piece of furniture that will come handy in any RP situation not just sex, so another plus for that.

Naturally since i like it best to have menus in unusual items, like picture frames, bottles etc, idea of fireplace that will be more then just decoration is most appealing to me.

With my recommendation you can find this H&S~ Enchanted Evening Fireplace~Dark Marble and other fine Heart & Soul Designs products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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