Pestique Canopy Bed v3.1 - Texture change  (Adult) Xcite!

 Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sara Greene

- Pestique store

In each article and review that i make about furniture made by Sara Greene, owner and creator of Pestique store i mention how she is making clearly seen progress with each new item that she is releasing. I hate to repeat my self but i just cant help it. She sure did out done her self again with this new Pestique Canopy Bed v3.1 - Texture change  (Adult) Xcite!

This is how she describes it:

"Mesh product - you will need a mesh enabled viewer to use!

This is a traditional 4-Post or Canopy Bed , with gold leaf detailing and trim and many texture change options for quilt, curtains and bed frame.

Fitted with the latest MLP2.5 script and featuring animations for singles, cuddles, kisses, massage, foreplay and sex. Includes a Sequences menu which contains two menus of PG or Adult dedicated long-play animations linked into a sequence, and an 'Extras' menu which includes all of the individual sequence sets so you can find the exact pose you need.

Rezzes props. Xcite compatible
See the pictures for some of the cuddles poses :)

I have included two versions of the bed - the v3 and v3.1. Version 3.1 includes 'sleeping under the blankets'. This adds a few extra prims to the bed so is included as an alternative - the sleeping positions are the same in both beds, but only the v3.1 has the extra blanket!

Singles Menu

- 8 animations, rezzes props

CouplesPG Menu

- 18 cuddles (9 with props)
- 9 kisses

CouplesXX Menu

- 9 foreplay
- 18 sex

Sequences Menu

- PG Scenes - 5 long play PG sequences including massage and sleeping
- XX Scenes - 6 very adult long play sequences
- Extras - contains 55 individual animations taken from both sequence menus

Prims are Mod/Copy, scripts and props are copy only

Also available as a PG bed, see related items.

Thanks for browsing :)

This bed was previously available with more limited texture change options but has now been updated - if you are a previous customer and haven't received your updated version please contact me inworld for your resend :)"

Equally great in design as in performance this bed is at the moment "crown jewel" of Sara Greene's bed fleet. Its got all and then some. 100% mesh made, in breath taking textures with texture changer (and me being form Europe you know how i react to dark oak wood with gold inlays ;) ), low in prim, with Xcite and easy to use menu, in copy and all that way under 2000 L$. Amazing.

Menu is easy to use, logical, divided in flowing sub menus: give, single, couples pg, coupleXX and sequences. All around great working menu with smooth transitions between animations and great performance. All animations used in this new fine product are top in quality, fps (frame per second) rich and carefully chosen to give you maximum pleasure in use.

So to conclude, another great work from Sara Greene and Pestique store that i highly recommend and advise all to buy. Where you can find xcite bed in mesh and copy with texture changer for that amount of money to be copy and redelivered?
100% safe purchase and investment if you ask me.

This Pestique Canopy Bed v3.1 - Texture change  (Adult) Xcite! and others fine Pestique store products you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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