::WS:: Condom vendor

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Viara Jewell

- ::WS:: Creations

Its nice to see things are changing to better in SL, getting modernized and updated. On so many sims i still see old condom vendors that will just give you condom in package when you click on them, and thats about it. So you can imagine my excitement when i did see this new 100% mesh ::WS:: Condom vendor. Evolution at her finest moment ;)

First, like always, few technical details and description from creator Viara Jewell:

"This is a beautiful condom dispenser that you can place in any fantasy place you may think of.
Its features have no match in SL, as you may see, and it is great value when you actually see what it can do for you:

- Contains wonderful sex poses geared by the best engine available in SL, and uses no pose balls
- Sequenced make out and sex animations with amazingly long loops
- Dispenses two different types of condoms
- Buy/gift condoms to another nearby avatar (excellent for cuckolding RP!!!)
- Option to give condoms freely or make it a pay object
- In pay mode, people can buy several at once, and it will store "condom credits" so more can be picked up later
- Two different textures to match your environment
- Detailed: actually shows coin being inserted in the slot, and selected condom coming out in the tray

3 versions available in the same package:
- Full version, with poses, condom dispenser and texture changer
- Dispenser only, 1 prim, with texture changer options
- Prop only, unscripted, 1 prim only, comes in 2 different textures

Don't wait any longer and get all this for this incredible value!"

Like i did mention at opening statement, its evolution, and its much more then just condom vendor dispenser. Not only that you can choose between 2 types of condom and gift that vendor will send your way, but also you can change texture and use full sex menu created just for this great new product from ::WS:: Creations store.

AVsitter™ 2.0 system driven menu is user friendly, divided on flowing sub menus: foreplay, suck him, eat her, penetration and get condoms. Animations used in this fine device are in premium quality, with long duration time and smooth transition, so whole ::WS:: Condom vendor working impeccable and without any glitches.

Ideal for any urban, ghetto, toilet public sex RP sim, this new ::WS:: Condom vendor will blend in perfectly, in fact i think its necessity to have it. Low in prim and land impact, with only few scripts and great design and menu for amazing low price it might well be my recommendation for best buy of the week item.

This new ::WS:: Condom vendor and other fine products from  ::WS:: Creations store you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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