NBC Sex Vendor Machine Sex V1.2 XCITE

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Nicolette Brinner

- *NBCreations* High quality animated sex furniture

Recently i did get many requests to make review of some objects that are not "usual" sex items. After researching market and checking for quality, low prim and all else this is what i did come up; NBC Sex Vendor Machine Sex V1.2 XCITE made by Nicolette Brinner owner and creator of  *NBCreations* High quality animated sex furniture store.

At the beginning some technical details and description from creator:

"NBC Sex Vendor Machine V1.2 XCITE

- XCITE Compatible
- Over 350 Animations
- 185 Solo, Couples and 3Some poses
- 7 Hot Scenes/Sequences (Also playable by auto play function)
- SexToys, Snacks & Drinks Included
- Facial Expressions
- Land impact=1
- Copy yes / Mod Yes / Transfer No

NBC Sex Vendor Machine Menu Includes:

- Pussy-Play
- Pussy-Lick
- BJ-Scene-1 (Playable BJ Sequence/Scene)
- BJ-Scene-2 (Playable BJ Sequence/Scene)
- FaceRideScene (Playable Ride His Face Sequence/Scene)
- 69+Mast-MF:
- 69 and HJ+Lick poses
- 69-Scene-1 (Playable 69 Sequence/Scene)
- 69-Scene-2 (Playable 69 Sequence/Scene)
- TITS-SCENE (Playable TitFuck+BJ Sequence/Scene)
- SEX-SCENE (Playable Sex Sequence/Scene)
Give Items
SCENES ONLY ( All the Playable Sequences/Scenes in one menu)

I can tell you its all High quality animations and absolutely no freebies included but come try it out at my in world store and convince yourself.

I like my products to speak for themselves.

Enjoy !!!

I take my customer service seriously. If you have any question regarding any product you can contact me ( Nicolette Brinner ) by IM when i am on line but please send me a notecard with your questions when im off line to be sure it all reaches me.
Thank you for Shopping at NBCreations

NBCreations, official partner of Xcite"

With just 1 prim land impact in great design is see this new item, NBC Sex Vendor Machine Sex V1.2 XCITE, as necessity and "must have" object for all urban, ghetto, public RP sims.

MLPV2.4z9 driven menu with Xcite! script is big but user friendly, divided in following sub menus: hangout, cuddles, flirt&kiss, masturbate, foreplay, sex, 3some, cum and scenes only. So im sure that all, no matter do they like just PG stuff or voicers that love scenes, will find something for them.

All animations used in this NBC Sex Vendor Machine Sex V1.2 XCITE are top quality, smooth in transitions and performance and well aligned, carefully chosen to provide you maximum pleasure and satisfaction in your use and RP with this fine product.

On test all was working flawless and i didn't see any issue with new  NBC Sex Vendor Machine Sex V1.2 XCITE. Even if it would be Nicolette Brinner customer service is great so i can honestly say that this is smart, fair and safe buy.

With my recommendation you can find this NBC Sex Vendor Machine Sex V1.2 XCITE and other fine products from *NBCreations* High quality animated sex furniture store on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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