[AA] Workout Mat

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina animations

Ok here is answer to all that send me im's whats Alina's next project :) brand new great looking one prim land impact [AA] Workout Mat is out.

This is how the creator, Alina Graf, describes it:

"Full Mesh 1 prim workout gym mat for sexual interaction.
Made to be used in your personal house gym, with your partner or friends, or in a public sex gym with a stranger.
It contains plain workout poses, sensual workout poses and sex poses for couples any gender or combination.

• 150 animations in 100 poses
• solo and couple poses
• plain workout, sensual workout and sex poses
• straight, lesbian and gay sex poses
• built-in texture changer with 6 choises
• 1 prim land impact

• Model is Copy, Mod
• Animations are Copy
• Scripts are full perm (nPose system)
• Notecards are full perm

All animations are made by me, Alina Graf
Mesh model is made by me, Alina Graf"

We all are witnessing growing popularity of fitness and gym sims,  specially with public adult content, so if you ask me this is right product in right time. Ideal for public sims, low prim, scripts and copy its also at home in any private residence of any design nature, because we all like to "maintain" ur avis fit ;)

This is one of rare occasion where Alina completely using no pose balls menu. Menu is easy to use. First thing that i noticed was menu undiscriminating nature, so it is for couples, but for all genders and sexual orientation. Sub menus are following: oral ff, oral fm, oral mm, sex fm, sex mm, sexercise ff, sexercise fm, sexercise m, strap ff, textures, utilities, workout1, workout ff, workout fm and workout mm.

All animations used in this brand new [AA] Workout Mat product are handmade by Alina Graf, and we all know what that means; top and highest quality possible, smoothness in transition and fps rich animations with long duration and overlapping time.

On testing for review i was not able to find any downside of this new product, all was working smooth and tuned, animations where will aligned, and general impression of high quality made product was present all the time.

To conclude; keeping her well know tradition of one of best adult furniture makers and creators in SL, Alina Graf is presenting to us another product of highest standards and performance, that contains all that adult furniture SL industry has to offer in this point of time. I can only highly recommend this new [AA] Workout Mat to all and i have no doubt that you will enjoy in use of this well made item same or more like i did on review test.

This new [AA] Workout Mat and other fine Alina animations products you can find on SL marketplace or in world store on links under the text:



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