Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Kacey Pomegranate


- or how to spice up your sl ride to max :)

Around two years ago i was at my friend SandyD hotel, when Kacey Pomegranate tp in. She did bring her new bed from her new store to donate and visitors of hotel can try it out. Bed was good, so i did go to check the store, few beds and rugs there, solid start. And look at it now, two sims full of toys and animations of everything that your imagination can desire. So i will do something unusual today and review car, SUV to be precise.
Solid build and good look, big and robust vehicle with acsv6 script. So it will drive like any bike in SL smooth and easy to maneuver. Also any acs HUD will work with it so u dont even have to use keyboard command if u dont want to. Pick your better half and hit that SL highways, chat, giggle and have fun: Then all u need is nice curve or bend on the road, or forest, park that car and click the hud. Thats where the real fun starts. Huge Xcite compatible menu, with picnic accessories and food, animation for eating, playing games, hanging out, cuddles and foreplay in so wast menu that even if you where not horny before you will be horny now, and finally sex menu, that will make you "do it" in the car, on the car and beside car. What can i say more, its amazing all around car and fun pack that will leave no road sexy fantasy unfulfilled. Extra good news, its on the summer sale till september ;) Bringing you cool ride at cool price for your hot SL summer, yours truly Edvard Taurion.



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