-JR- HOOKERLAMP (4some+f) v1.80

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Jaqueline Rau

-JR- dirty sex shop

Its my privilege to review for you today something form Jaqueline Rau owner of -JR- dirty sex shop. She is one of few rare furniture maker that was able to build and create cult status for her creations among SL fetish lovers. Multi creative Jaqueline is not person of many words, but of many deeds. Showing her talent in making intimate body parts, fetish HUD's, tattoo's, bikinis ect. Her furniture is something that she is always improving and updating, making it even more fun to use and making possible for her customers to constantly get new and fresh animations to play with. Thats how i meet for first time, some years back, when i was contacting her to update my toys that i bought from her. She was very polite, fast to response, so with any doubt i can say that her customer service is on high level, same as her furniture. In this article i will review Jaqueline Rau's -JR- HOOKERLAMP (4some+f) v1.80, witch is top model with biggest menu, but she also making them and selling them just as decoration, and with different versions of menu and price range so all can find and buy something for they needs. And what ever you buy you can always update and upgrade. Let me get in some details now; in 100% mesh object with just 4 prims land impact you will find huge menu made from exclusive custom high grade animations divided in single hooker/FF/FFF/FM/FMM/FFM/FMFM/FMMM easy to use menu. To be exact 159 of them in 136 poses with smooth realistic movement that will inspire your fantasy and make ur imagination wild. Texture changer is build in so with all of that its just something that you need to have in any urban RP sim, in front of your club or just in your private home yard when your partner fells "bit trashy". Great toy, great animator, great pleasure. I hope you will enjoy it same as i did testing it for you.



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