SA Wall Rack v3

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Selina Anatra

SA - Different by Design

There is something special in small stores, something that you cant find in big fancy ones, maybe because we expect it to find it there, but when you discover something awesome in hidden one, pleasant surprise overwhelms you. Thats the felling that i did have first time when I tp'd to Selina Anatra Designs. Walls filled with amazingly well made collars, nipple and belly rings in Tokon system and my favorite, great BDSM furniture. Elegant high class looking mesh wall rack with 10 prims land impact made by Selina Anatra textured with her own made textures will look awesome on any wall, classic or modern dungeon alike. menu filled with carefully chosen premium animations includes solo, foreplay, oral sex, capture, sex, BDSM, and much more. Even machine hidden in side. Lockmeister cuffs system compatible with most collars and cuffs, including, Tokon, Amethyst and OC, and RLV build in only add to the value of this beautifully made piece of fine furniture. And i have to say that all future updates are automatic and free and you can be sure that value of this wall rack will only go up since Selina dont stop to improve and make it even more better then it already is. Certainly cool item for hot SL summer that will keep you hot all year around ;)



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