((C.C.)) SpreadEagle v4.95

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: CrowleyCorp

When we are new to SL, homeless, nothing else to do then using other persons sims and clubs for erotic play. But while we doing that, we do find out and discover furniture and creators that we prefer and love to come back to using they products again. Then finally we decide to rent or buy our own land in SL and buy that furniture for our private use. Thats how i first time get in contact with CrowleyCorp owner of Crowley Corporation. First impression was very positive and im glad that i can say years after that initial meeting he is same simple and easy going person that makes even better furniture then before. Constantly working on upgrades and ways to make his products even better and more appealing for consumers. For today review we choose SpreadEagle v4.95. Like in all Crowley's products no cuddles and no vanilla. BDSM, bondage and control from start to finish. In 20 prims land impact you getting original design sculpt device with texture changer that will make it easy to blend in any style dungeon or D/S space. RLV is build in, easy to use and will grab, capture and strip. LockGuard system, with cuffs giver is also in side. Animations are custom build, specially for SpreadEagle and cant be find in any other furniture in SL, same as custom sounds in device. Menu is extremely user friendly, multi speed animations that Crowley making so good together with realistic sounds and cum/splash particles guaranties many hours fun and enjoyment with this great product. Together with friendly customer service and constant upgrades of this original design makes it one of the recommended best buy SL BDSM furniture. Available in world only.


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