Alina Animations - Statue EROS

[AA] Statue EROS

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina Animations [AA]

This time i decide to do something just for you ladies out there and all that fell that way. If your master/dom/partner is tired, busy or off line and you got certain "needs" Alina Animation got answer for you. Brand new just 7 prims land impact Eros statue. While it can be used just for elegant high class decoration for your home or club, its got great functional value too.
No pose balls system menu will let you ladies alone or in company with your girlfriends satisfied your sexual needs. Equipped with texture changer for skin, you can easily go form "ebony to ivory" and even choose 3 different size of his "best part" that will give you best pleasure. AV no pose balls system along with Alinas custom made animations insures durability and flawless use. Im hoping you ladies will love and embrace this new idea and product that Alina so carefully and detailed created for your pleasure.



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