Innovation Rounded Bed

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Ulrich Nansen

-low prim beauty

Right kind of motivation is great thing, can make you inspired to do awesome stuff. If you ask Urlich Nansen owner of Innovations store he will tell you " which furniture to pick is a harder one since I got so many products already,  been in the business 2½ years after getting fed up with being unable to find proper furnitures for my skybox business". And he was not telling lie. Store is full with fine pieces of adult furniture. For this opening review we did choose bed. Many reasons for that, main is all will be having no trouble to find something for them in that big xpose menu. Sits, cuddles, mf, ff, 3somes in all combinations and more, all in premium chosen animation to satisfied your sensual needs and fantasies. Wrapped up in eye candy rounded shape with fine textures will make great and valuable addition to your private home or club alike with just 9 prims land impact. So if you didnt visited and explore Innovation store so far, take that lm from bottom and you will be pleasantly surprised with quality, choice and prices.



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