Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Kristina Deschanel

- *KL* BDSM Store

BDSM  the way it use to be

This time i like to do some old school stuff, dark deep cold stone walls of dungeon, in some medieval castle... Picture that for me please for a second and i'm sure the first thing that comes to your mind is St. Andrews Cross and this one that i present for you today is a beauty. Kristina Deschanel owner of KL store and creator of our reviewed Cross, always makes her own textures. You can almost smell that leather ribboned throughout the hard wood when you look at it.  It is a great decoration but it has a purpose too. Solo chained slave poses and a Domination/sex menu that will satisfy both Master and sub. It also has a mplv system that works like a clock, and includes attachment points for cuffs that will work with all SL cuff system and it will give you hours and hours of bondage fun. This 23 prim robust build beauty is so common at public BDSM sims and dungeons that it is about time to get your own piece now since they are only 750 lindens.



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