BH four poster bed

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Britt Halberstam

- BH Animations

This is my second presentation of Britt Halberstam's high quality animated furniture. Her reputation one of the leading Sl animators is growing with each day. Only "complaint" that i ever heard is that she is making great stuff but for dungeon and BDSM sims only. Well not any more. Long time wanted "gentle" looking item from her collection is finally out. BH four poster bed is something that you can really call wolf in lamb skin. Eye candy out side and huge menu filled with all from cuddles from bondage in side. But lets do some numbers first. The BH four poster bed is 100 % mesh with only 6 prim land impact (temporary 5 prims more for pose balls and ropes) custom made by Britt with a huge texture menu. You are able to choose thousands of combinations to be sure you find your favorite look of this bed. Changeable are the bed frame (9 colors), the curtains (6 colors and without), the bed sheet (36 textures) and the bed linen (72 textures). In side all that beauty is real treasure animated menu with following features:

* new, up to 1,5 minutes lopped high detailed animations for  pretty realistic motions
* new, bondage menu for female and male submission
* seamless short sequence with truly animated transitions between the poses
* animated undressing (by using RLV)
* realistic facial expressions
* realistic representation of bondage for female and male
* quickly adjustable positions without options menu
* includes free tk relay giver

RLV features while using a relay in automode:
* automatically working smart RLV technology
* lock your partner and make it impossible to escape (by bondage)
* undressing with realistic animations
* RLV menu with several options
* capture function

300 unique BH animations that you won't find anywhere else in SL made and used just in BH Animations furniture, outstanding customer service, details and quality with low prims and texture changer that is making BH four poster bed suitable for any space, RLV, bondage with custom cuffs giver that comes together with bed by each purchase make this new creation from Britt Halberstam high value item to have. Be sure to take few minutes of your time and take look in store or SL market for it, links are printed under article with warning that when you look you realize that you just must have it ;)



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