CSC The Throne 2.0 - Gothic Black

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Cald Stine

-Cald Stine Creations

I did meet Cald Stine some 2 years ago, he just did have brand new item out on market and i was, like always, very inpatient to buy it. Cuffs didnt rez chains so i im him, and he was in my dungeon in 10 min, fix issue instantly, apologized for inconvenience and give me one more piece of his furniture as gift. Thats what i call premium customer care. Also i like to mention that i did bought 4 different items in his store after that and all of them was and still are working impeccable.
Throne that i will review today caught my eye when i was asked in one BDSM master forum about best one that can handle two subs/slaves at same time and its Xcite compatible. So if you looking for something that will meet that demands look no further, CSC the Throne is right thing to buy. Classic beauty, robust and elegant build with 27 prim land impact is must have item for all "old school" dominant people out there. It's loaded with high quality animations for solo, couples, and threesomes. 115 of them to be exact, that goes from solo sits, dances, teases, and sex in user friendly menu. Throne dont have texture changer but its modifiable, so you can easily blend it in any space that you like. Because of its style and versatility, those with a bent toward Goth, Masters, subs, slaves, vampires, or anyone with a mild or strong interest in BDSM will enjoy. I hope you will have as much fun as i did while i was testing it ;)



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