Fukki'n Bitch Swing v.2.0 belle breath of lust design

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: BelleJour Shinn

- Belle's Breath of Lust Design

Take me to the limit one more time ;)

What limit we are pushing to the edge today? More then few and its my undivided pleasure to share this right on the edge piece of art furniture with you. we talking about 3 prims only here when pose balls are not rezed. Original self made sculpt map for swing with cum stains on floor, that looks impressive good in black, then again, its fully copy mod, so if u wanna it in any other texture or color, just make ur pick and change it. mlpv2.4 system taken to another limit, limit that is maximum duration set by LL, BelleJour Shinn use it full, same as frames per second, so she creates original, hers animations for your pleasure that you will have to wait till they overlap, longest one allowed by LL tos. Cuffs? You dont need them, your female sub will be tied up by Swing, saves prim, lowers lag. Solo sub menu, fm, fmm,fmmm,fmmmm, fmmmmm. So if u like to share your sub u can share it all over the place ;) And if she deserves or need some more this swing will rez dildo machine so u can take your well deserved rest and relax ;) Did i mention that it cost only 420 lin? So if that all is not pushing limits for your using pleasure and benefit in sl then your humble review editor/me dont know what is :) Enjoy your hot summer in sl with this cool piece of furniture.



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