BH BottomUP Rack

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Britt Halberstam

- BH Animations

- top of the line BDSM furniture
All of us that own land in SL trying to save prims and have the best. Many times you will hear that good looking detailed BDSM furniture need to be prim heavy. Well not any more. Britt Halberstam owner, designer, animator and builder of BH animations its not only multi talented but extremely pleasant down to earth person that manage to have all in her fine furniture. Newest one, BH BottomUP Rack is 100% mesh build, and in all beauty and glory (picture for article is straight up form in world no photo shop or anything like that) land impact just one prim. And what fine prim it is. Menu with custom animations made by her and are only find in her products for solo, mf and mmf, RLV that will not only grab person but also take her clothes off, that will not just vanish, but be gone in animations you riping it and taking it down for ur subject, cuffs, dildos and cane giver, and texture changer too. With all that its "must have" item for all BDSM enthusiast or life styler in SL. Easy to blend in modern or traditional dungeon, with low as possible land impact you will be having hours and hours pure pleasure and fun.
Be sure to enjoy your SL summer, and im going back to my dungeon, to play with rack some more ;)



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