PRIME Lovers Island

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Winona Wiefel

-PRIME Furniture

Big stores comes with big ideas. At least once we all did dream to run away from all stress, im's, and just be alone with that special someone stranded in beautiful tropic island.
Thant's exactly what Winona Wiefel from PRIME Furniture did made for us. Our own private tropic paradise with just 12 prims land impact (offsim version that is included in all purchase package have 13 prims) is extremely detailed and good build,  so good that even sea foam got options menu. Textures are flawless and eye pleasing. All that is powered by AVsitter no pose balls system that is more and more popular in furniture this days. 126 premium quality animations are in 63 sets menu that is very simple and easy to use. Just ideal for your own small hidden paradise, use it in ocean orb, or like off sim decoration you cant go wrong with it. Summer is almost over but on this island of sensual pleasures you will always have hot time ;)



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