.:*Belle's*:. Bitchy Tabledance v.1.9.9 MESH

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: BelleJour Shinn

- Belle's Breath of Lust Design

Some creators are perfectionists. No matter how good they make something they keep improving it, making it better and constantly updating to give users of they product the best that they can. If any one in SL fits that description BelleJour Shinn does. Working hard and zealous to make animations more fluid and longer, working relentless to make that sculpt/mesh more sharp, pretty and prim less on land impact and working dedicated to making textures that she uses look like real so you feel like you can touch them, smell that wood through your screen or hear that chair squeaking under your avi weight. Sure you will think that degree of quality and precision in her creations have appropriate high price, but thats where you will be wrong. BelleJour  keeping her "top shelf" high quality products on "bottom shelf" price range, making so many wonder why. She wants her creations be accessible to all so all SL residents can afford them and enjoy them. If you think i'm bias on this review, challenge me. Go to her sim, Libido land of pure sin in Lenora region, test her furniture for yourself go to one of her stores on that sim and check the prices, and tell me i was wrong. So far in my almost 3 years in SL no one did, because i'm trying to do the same as her in my own way, to present best that SL adult furniture has to offer at fair price for all you users to enjoy.

After all that long intro lets do some review finally. For todays feature out from variety of  Belle's Breath of Lust Design offers we chose .:*Belle's*:. Bitchy Tabledance v.1.9.9 MESH latest update released. Box include not one but 4 versions of table:
Bitchy Tabledance v.1.9.9 6 Prim (landimpact) Mesh Wood
Bitchy Tabledance v.1.9.9 6 Prim (landimpact) Mesh Pink
Bitchy Tabledance v.1.9.7 7 Prim (landimpact) Sculpt Wood
Bitchy Tabledance v.1.9.6 10 Prim (landimpact) Sculpt Wood

No matter what computer you have, viewer that you are using or settings that you prefer there is a version in that box that will look and rez impeccable on ur land and screen. Hand made premium animations for female dance (10 animations) with loop on/off and bottle fun, with 56 unique couple animations that are made by BelleJour and can be found only and exclusive in this table for fm, fmm, fmmm and fmmmm intercourse with one of the longest overlap times in SL for satisfaction of your lust and erotic passions. Each of the 4 chairs have separate sit-script. However you wanna use this great product, just for dancing and looking at your partner, private place couple sexual item or wild gang bang public place toy its fully up to you. Value, versatile options, customer back up service, impeccable craftsmanship in creating it and extreme popular price making this table best buy and must have item for any adult furniture user resident. Five thumbs up.    



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