SC13 Naughty Cushion - Fabric Version

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Maximus Chrome

- Scorpio13 Designs

Many people in SL are talking about trends and fashion, even in the adult furniture industry. Mesh is something you've got to have, and a huge texture changer, as low a prim count as possible, a no pose ball system and (as if all of that is not enough of an eternal issue) you have to ask yourself if it is it ok for gorean sims, goth sims, or bdsm, ect. For this great piece of adult furniture, all you need to be is heterosexual. Following the latest market demands, Maximus Chrome, owner of Scorpio13 Designs put together for your pleasure this great Naughty Cushion piece with quality, elegance and a vast variety of options. This gorgeous set of pillows comes with 40 selectable shadow baked fabric textures individually adjustable for each cushion. It's 100% mesh with a land impact of just 3 prims and is filled with premium high quality animations chosen for your pleasure in a very easy to use menu. No wonder, since I've known Maximus' work for few years now, and he really did get more and more amazing with time. So gorean, goth, bdsm or vanilla, private or public sim, with this Scorpio13 Designs jewel you can't go wrong. On top of it, the price for all that quality and beauty is really more then affordable, so please check it out! You will be more then pleasantly surprised!



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