Smooching Serpents Banksy Bang

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Eve Light

- *SMOOCHING SERPENTS* sophisticated RLV furniture

Its my pleasure today to present Smooching Serpents store. All you RLV fans in SL must be very pleased and familiar with their furniture. Creating something new, and not seen before Smooching Serpents designed this urban grunge RLV item. only 8 prims, when pose balls are not out, with auto shut off if no one using menu for some time, this  "toy" will be ideal for all urban, slum sims out there. With 11 different textures it wont be any trouble to blend it in your sim surrounding. also one great innovation, weather changer build in. So options are really huge. Highest quality animations in solo, couple and 3 some menu, with option to play them like scene will give you and your sim visitors plenty hours of pleasure each time when it will be used. This is just peak form iceberg of the undiscovered treasures that they have in Smooching Serpents, so with more to come i wish you hot SL summer.



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