~Dirty Deeds~ Wall-Banger - CorkBoard

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Cimone Blackburn

Few days back my dear SL friend told me i need to go check Dirty Deeds store and meet owner Cimone Blackburn. So i did go and i was pleasantly surprised. Store is packed with fine furniture and items and Cimone is great and kind person just like i was told she will be. We start to talk and she told me like so many other creators that i meet that she did start to build because she was not able to find furniture that she likes for her own SL needs, and this is what she says about her creations " Ive been building the things the way "I" would want them.. and Im a picky gal ;)   I want only the best animation that flow.. the most realistic textures.. the most user friendly menus that make sense, best low lag scripts etc." So i did have a heavy task, out of all that adult furniture and treasure variety i'd have to pick just one for review. Item that caught my eye was ~Dirty Deeds~ Wall-Banger - CorkBoard simple because it can blend in any home and it got so many ways that can be used. With just 4 prims land impact and floor texture changer you just cant go wrong. Menu is extremely user friendly, MLPV2.4z8 engine, with PG, foreplay oral and xxx premium selected fps rich animations that will make you play with and use this fine piece of furniture over and over again. For private home or public club, kitchen or garage you just need to have it and enjoy it like i did when i was testing and reviewing it.



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